Kids are Funny

While the idea of parenthood still kind of scares me shitless, there are things I see and read that fill me with such excitement that it feels like Charm City Baby can’t get here soon enough.  (note to baby – please don’t come super early… we have SO MUCH left to do…)

Today, one of my good friends (and the first of my friends to have a kid) sent me this hilarious e-mail.  I hope she doesn’t mind that I’m sharing it but it really made my day.  Her son is 10 years old and is hilarious.

Ethan had an assignment at school to write a letter to someone he respects in his family.  This is what I got…

 Dear Mom,

I respect your patience and your ramen making ability.  I will show my respect by not being annoying.

P.S.  Your ramen is better than dads.



Ok, how good is that?  I just wanted you to see what you can look forward to.  Hopefully your little one will be able to think of more than noodle soup to compliment you.

I still can’t stop laughing about this…



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2 responses to “Kids are Funny

  1. Hey, a good bowl of Raman is a beautiful thing. My mom never made them right, so I didn’t like them until college. You should start practicing now.

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