How Much Could I Get for These?

So I’ve been consumed by the thought of our future nursery.  Because we live in a small 2 bedroom rowhome in the city, we have to convert the “guest room” / Jeremy’s closet into the nursery.  Jeremy has been finishing up the crown moulding while I’ve started to come unraveled about our timeline.  We have to paint!  We have to buy furniture!  We have to figure out how to be parents!  Oh me!

We did a purge over the summer of some old furniture and appliances and donated it all to Goodwill.  However, I’ve started to scout Craigslist for gently used baby items (like a Bob Revolution stroller!).  It got me thinking that we should potentially try to sell off some of our furniture… even it if means only getting like $50 for it.  I mean – that is $50 that will go towards the nursery!

But I’ve never sold anything online before so I need your help, blogosphere.  Here are the items that I felt could maybe garner some cash.  They are both Ikea items, very gently used with no damage but unfortunately are no longer available at Ikea (so I have no price point to go from).

First up, a full sized bed frame.  The frame is probably about 6 years old but has only really been used for 3 of those years.  There is no damage and it is a nice simple frame:

I’d offer the mattress as well (it is very firm) but Jeremy said he’s had it since high school.  I’m not sure that would make a good selling point but it is in good shape.  And there are no bed bugs in this house!

Next up is a dresser.  This dresser was purchased maybe 2 years ago.  It matches the wood finish in the bedframe which is why I want to sell these items together:

There is no damage to this piece of furniture.  Its downfall is that it is an Ikea dresser which means it isn’t intended to last a long time.  

Also – do you like how the crown moulding is on the floor? 

So – do you think I could get some cash for these?  I was thinking about listing these items together on Craiglist for $75?  Is that too much?  $50?  Help me!  (and if you live in Baltimore – want to buy these?  You’d be helping out mah baby!)



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6 responses to “How Much Could I Get for These?

  1. Definitely list them on Craigslist. I’d aim high, maybe even $100 and let someone haggle you down to $75 or $50. I think both are reasonable given their good condition. It’s difficult to gauge a good price since they aren’t available anymore at IKEA. But you can maybe browse the website for something similar to help you.

    Hope that helped!

  2. Go higher. I say start at $50 a peice at least. $100 for the set at least. It’s like a yard sale, you’ll never get full price. We sold a 4 year old tv for $200 on craigslist and a 4 year old entertainment center from target for $40 on there. I think a nice bedframe is worth $50ish but would imagine you would get $40ish.

    With our tv, we moved it to PA with us and it was a tube style flat screen. A nice Sony but damn, the thing must have weighed 200lbs. We decided if it didn’t sell on Craigslist it was going to go with our house when we sold it.

  3. The one time I listed something on Craigslist, I gave it away for free, so I know nothing about this. But I’m going with the other commenters, aim a little higher!

  4. Sarah

    My dad has that Ikea bedframe in his guest room. I want to say he paid around $100 for it 3 years ago.

    I’d price the set at $100, at least, as a starting point.

  5. We recently sold a bunch of stuff on Craigslist and it was all gone w/in a week! People will buy it. Start higher and then lower the price if you don’t have bites. People will respond to that and you’ll still get a good amount out of it.

    I wish you were selling a QUEEN-sized bed instead of a full!

  6. For what it’s worth, I’m not sure when my current IKEA dresser was purchased, but inside one of the drawers are the red and green stars I drew in crayon when I was six. That dresser’s been in four different states, and it’s only just now starting to fall apart. Don’t let the fact that it’s an IKEA piece keep you from getting the money you deserve, those pieces are heartier than you think!

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