Fashion Bump Watch – Tuesday & Wednesday

This week hasn’t been a good fashion week for me.  I’ve been feeling kind of schlubby these last 2 days and especially today… which of course happened to be the day that I met the head of the department I am now supporting as well as some other senior managers.  Awesome.  Lesson?  Always try to dress nicely at work to avoid feeling like a turd.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top:  The Limited (from many years ago).

Skirt:  The Gap (also from many years ago).  I love this skirt because it has some stretch to it.

Shoes:  Black flats from Target!

Jewelry:  Long necklace from Forever 21.  They really have the best selection of inexpensive accessories.

And holy hell – I look HUGE, right?  That’s the problem with snapping these photos at the end of the workday.  I tend to be a bit bloated from all the food I ate during the day. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Top:  Simply Vera from Kohl’s.  This is one of my favorite tops.  It is so loose and flowy and comfy…

Pants:  Express.

Shoes:  Black flats from Target.

You can see it in my face that I am TIRED.  I dressed tired today and I AM tired so this whole look just screams, “go to bed!”  And despite how baggy everything is, none of it is maternity wear.

Fun / Strange Pregnancy Stuff:  So while I thought I could feel the baby a few days ago, I haven’t felt any activity since and it is SCARING ME.  What I am feeling is my heartbeat… in my belly.  And it is f’n crazy.   When I sit still to try to concentrate on feeling those sweet little flutters (or gas bubbles) – I start to feel my heartbeat.  I almost feel like I could just take my pulse. 

I read somewhere that Charm City Bambino is at the stage where you could hear her heartbeat with a stethoscope.  Because I haven’t really felt any more movement – I think I really want to go get a stethoscope just to make sure everything is okay.  I mean – what the hell is going on?  I’m also starting to feel this strange warm sensation after I eat… located near my stomach… and I swear it feels like something is leaking inside. 

Does pregnancy trigger paranoia?   I am FREAKING OUT.  And where does one buy a stethoscope?


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  1. I think you’re allowed to look a touch shluby because hello? you’re pregnant! Isn’t that also a free pass to be bloated, bitchy, whiny, and demanding? That’s why people have babies, isn’t it?

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