My First Experience with Pregnancy Yoga (or how I protected my baby’s home)

I’m trying to stay as active as possible throughout my pregnancy. A lot of it has to do with staying healthy and I’ve read (in quite a few places) that being an active, healthy person can make your labor & delivery much easier. We’ll see. But I’d be lying if I said I also wasn’t slightly vain and am desperately hoping to get back into shape somewhat quickly after baby girl is here.

So I jog on the treadmill twice a week for 3.75 miles with an additional 1/2 mile walk (and I may start adding shorter jogs on Saturday mornings since I love Fall weather so much!), 35 minutes on the eliptical 3 x week and strength training 3 x week.

This past Sunday I just tried “pregnancy yoga”. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I am a fan of yoga (whenever I actually commit myself to taking it regularly) and it is helpful in loosening up my hips. And since I’ll be sitting with my legs wide open and squeezing out a child, I figured flexible hips are something I should try to stay on top of right now.

I recruited one of my pregnant pals (she’s 12 weeks) and we checked it out. The studio was in Federal Hill and for any Baltimore residents, you know that Fed Hill is the absolute worst place to try to go to on Sundays during football. I was amazed that we found a parking spot.

The studio was pretty empty (not surprising since it is damn near impossible to find parking) but I was happy that I was taking the class with my friend and not alone.

We walked into the studio and saw… a dude. Yes, a man was teaching pregnancy yoga. He made a quick joke about how we were in the right place despite his gender and that he was just the substitute teacher.

The yoga man was nice. He was short, very round (so it was sort of like he was pregnant?) and apparently has 3 kids.

Pregnancy yoga was mostly a gentle type of yoga that seemed to focus on opening your hips. A lot of the typical moves (warrior 2 and 3) were modified so as to not be too difficult. We also avoided laying flat on our backs.

During a few of the moves, Yoga man would read excerpts from some book that was all about motherhood. It was tough to hold in the laughter. I appreciated what he was doing but at the same time, it was just so ridiculously hokey.

He also kept referring to our bellies as our baby’s homes. We had to be mindful of our baby’s home during some of our postures (and I understood what he was saying but it just sounds silly coming from a dude).

Another thing that had me in near hysterics was his proposal to sit with our partner facing each other with our legs open in a V but with one person’s legs on top of the others. He suggested that we should then hold arms and then with our heads looking down, chant “ooooooohhhhhmmmmm” to our baby. Apparently the baby should be able to hear our chants and this is the opportunity for our partner to communicate to our baby. I’m sure this is probably more realistic than having Jeremy poke my belly in hopes that the baby will respond. But still. Can you imagine?

Aside from all the hokiness, the best part of the class was sitting in such close proximity to him (the room was small) while he spread his legs apart (to open his hips). No pregnant woman should be subjected to that. And yes, I couldn’t help BUT to look at his package. Look, if someone is putting it out there like that… I’m going to look. My friend spent the majority of the time looking at me or the ceiling.
So would I go back? Yes – but probably not to that studio… and that is mostly because of the parking situation. Hokiness aside, it was a great stretch for my legs and hips and I’m sure I’ll be thankful I did it.

Plus – I think it is tough to encounter anything pregnancy related that doesn’t involve some level of cheesiness (this is coming from someone who is not very in touch with her feelings).

Do you stare at the crotches of men in clingy yoga pants?



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3 responses to “My First Experience with Pregnancy Yoga (or how I protected my baby’s home)

  1. Meredith

    Did you go to Charm City Yoga in Federal Hill? I liked it there and have been meaning to get back. I like yoga but honestly can do without the hokey aspect of it all. I just don’t get into it but the stretching and relaxation I get from it is amazing. But I’ve never run into the junk issue as I always gravitate towards the back for fear of getting singled out!

  2. It’s the hokeyness that is exactly why the husband and I have never gone to yoga classes. I did a bit of it as part of dance and movement classes in college, and I enjoy it, but some people are waaaaay too into it. And they tend to get pissy when you suddenly burst out laughing.

    As for the junk issue, I’ve spent enough time in dance classes with dudes that it doesn’t really phase me. A nice ass in tights, on the other hand, will keep my hypnotized.

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