Fashion Bump Watch

One of the downfalls of registering for stuff is that you obsess over it.  I probably log into our Babies R Us registry every other day to make adjustments.  Do I need this?  On second thought – we probably don’t care about that.  And god bless other parents!  One of my co-workers has generously GIVEN us a bathtub, a high chair, a Graco SnugRide stroller, a Baby Bjorn, a baby cart seat cover and a playmat!  My sister-in-law said she looked at my registry and is giving us one of her Bumbo seats.  This just means I need to pay it forward when our little one outgrows this stuff.  But I’m thankful for this stuff!

And thank you for all the registry tips again!  I will definitely be checking with my health insurance to see if they’ll cover the cost of a breast pump and I read somewhere that some plans cover car seats. 

Now onto the fashion…

Thursday, October  21, 2010

a photo of what I wore

Top:  Old Navy Maternity.  I bought this shirt for like $10 on sale… so I got it in 2 other colors.  Why pass up a good deal? 

Pants:  Express (held up by the Belly Band).

Shoes:  Target – Merona.

Friday, October 22, 2010

a photo of what I wore

Top:  Banana Republic (not maternity!  And a repeat shirt since it is one of the few non-maternity shirts that still fit).

Jacket:  Juicy Couture.  If you recall – I tried, unsuccessfull, to pair this with a black dress.  I wasn’t feeling the outfit but I liked it with this one.

Pants:  Gap

Shoes:  Target – Merona

Monday, October 25, 2010

a photo of what I wore

Dress:  J. Crew.  Surprisingly this is not a maternity dress.  I bought this dress 2 years ago on a super sale but found it to fit like a shapeless sack.  I normally have to pair it with a skinny belt just to give it some shape but it worked out well as a maternity dress.

Shirt:  NY & Company.  I can’t button the bottom half of this shirt anymore…

Shoes:  Target – Merona

Fun / Weird Pregnancy Stuff:  Since my uterus keeps growing, it is pushing around some of my organs.  The biggest “shift” I’m feeling is my stomach.  It now sits higher and this is one of the reasons so many pregnant women suffer from heartburn and indigestion (Tums haven’t become a close friend).  But another weird thing I’m experiencing is that if I eat anything particularly hot or cold, I can feel the warmth and coldness in my belly.  I thought something was leaking inside of me (and perhaps I should really check this out) but my SIL (in nursing school who is about to start her OB clinicals) theorized that the food isn’t getting a chance to cool down/warm up before it hits my stomach like it normally does when it sits lower.  Very interesting…



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2 responses to “Fashion Bump Watch

  1. You in that J Crew dress? Beyond adorable.

    Also, I think you should purposely eat ice cubes and hot chocolate and see if you can burp up steam.

  2. Who. That food thing is WEIRD! A little creepy for some reason.

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