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Some stupid and not so stupid things

Stupid Things

1.  Trying to lift / carry / drag somewhat heavy furniture when I am 7 months pregnant with a lower back prone to pain.
  We are in the midst of setting up the nursery, moving Jeremy’s clothes into our bedroom, and rearranging/expanding furniture.  Since I took the day after Thanksgiving off of work and was without a car, I stayed home and assembled furniture, carried it up 2 flights of stairs (in one instance), and dragged it from one room into another.  I think this just aggravated my lower back and my sciatica.  However… (onto stupid thing #2)

2. Still continuing to run while dealing with lower back pain and sciatica. 

I decided it would be a good idea to go for a run Saturday morning.  It was short (only 2 miles) but I hadn’t worked out for a few days and was itching to do something.  I spent the rest of the day hobbling around in pain since every step I took felt like someone was stabbing me in the ass.  But it doesn’t stop there…

The pain felt a little better today so I thought I’d give running (on a treadmill) another shot.  I was in pain for the first mile but pushed through until 3.25 miles.  I felt great.  Had I managed to make the pain go away?  5 minutes later I learned that it was a very bad idea to push through the pain.  And now 6 hours later I am in a ridiculous amount of pain.  I just scheduled an appointment with a chiropractor to help me (but am not seeing them until Saturday).

3.  Movie sequels. 

After watching “The Walking Dead” on AMC (if you haven’t seen this show yet, WATCH IT.  It is so good.) – Jeremy had a hankering to watch “The Boondock Saints”.  It was a strange association until we both realized that one of the actors in “The Walking Dead” was also in “Boondock Saints”.  We pulled it up on the Netflix “Watch Instantly” and saw that there was a sequel (it came out 10 years after the first movie).  Holy motherf’n cannoli – I think it might be one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen in my life.  Words don’t actually do it justice but the best line from the entire movie was, “Ding dong, motherfucker! Ding dong!”

I’m also currently in the midst of watching Sex and the City 2.  I liked the series and enjoyed the first movie but oy, this sequel is almost painful to watch.  It is like a car accident.  What the crap went wrong?!

4.  Signing up for a 2.5 hour 4-week mid-week “childbirth education” class that doesn’t end until 9:30pm… my bedtime. 

In retrospect, I really wished we would have just signed up for one all-day class on a weekend instead of 4 mid-week classes that wouldn’t get me home until a little after 10pm.  For most normal people that isn’t a big deal but I get up at 5am during the week so I try to go to bed as early as possible.  UGH.  I’m already dreading this.

Not-so-stupid Thing

We watched a few things through Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” over the weekend and one of them included “The Business of Being Born“. 

I knew the basic idea of the movie (it focuses on “natural births”) and was just interested to see what their take was on hospitals.  I learned some interesting things, I took a lot of things with a grain of salt but mostly – we watch 4 natural births and 1 c-section.  I thought I would be horrified.  I thought I’d want to vomit and then have nightmares about my own delivery but in actuality, it seemed relatively… easy?  I’m sure these women were in pain but they were so silent, there wasn’t much blood and to see the sheer relief and joy they felt when their baby was handed to them just eased my fears about delivery.  Jeremy nixed the idea of us ever having a home birth (and I’d never be down for that) – but I am considering the idea of going drug-free.  CONSIDERING is the operative word here because I’m sure I’ll sing a different tune once I start feeling full-on contractions.

I’ve spent a good chunk of time reading pregnancy forums and women’s experiences with epidurals.  And of course I’m only focusing on all of the horrible experiences instead of the majority of good ones.


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Fashion Bump Watch

Right now I’m sitting at home in sweat pants, a ratty t-shirt, glasses and messy hair.  I thought about posting a picture just to keep things real but I’m way too vain to do that.  🙂

Monday, November 22, 2010

a photo of what I wore

Top:  Gap Maternity

Pants:  Old Navy Maternity

Shoes:  Target – Merona

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a photo of what I wore

Please excuse the bizarre pose.  I’m not sure what was going on in my head but I look like a robot.  This is another “Corporate Kim” outfit because I had some important meeting that day.

Jacket:  Banana Republic.  I would have worn the entire suit but there was no way that the matching pencil skirt was going to fit.

Top:  Gap Maternity.  I also own this in gray!  Shocking… I buy the same shirts in multiple colors.

Pants:  Gap Maternity.

Shoes:  Rampage heels (you can’t really see them).

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

  a photo of what I wore

Top:  H&M Maternity.

Pants:  Banana Republic (being held by a Belly Band)

Shoes:  Target – Merona

Thursday, November 25, 2010

a photo of what I wore

Shirt:  NO idea.  My mother-in-law gave it to me towards the beginning of my pregnancy.  It is a maternity t-shirt.

Sweater:  Urban Outfitters.  I just bought this fairly recently.  UO was having a sale on their sale merchandise so I scored this sweater for like $15.

Jeans:  Old Navy Maternity.  I can’t say enough good things about these jeans.

Boots:  Sheikh Shoes.

Fun / Weird Pregnancy Stuff:   I’ve reached the point where I now HAVE to eat smaller meals and eat them much slower or I will get the WORST indigestion and heartburn.  It was terrible on Wednesday night and it was flaring up a bit on Thanksgiving (how do you NOT eat a lot on Thanksgiving?!).  Ugh.  But bambino has been moving around A TON and her movements are getting much much stronger.  Last night was my first experience with an “uncomfortable” movement.  It felt like she was doing twirls in my belly.  Based on where I’ve been feeling the movement the most (I’ve determined that it is her feet and they are located just under my right ribs) – I know that when she gets bigger, she is going to kick the shit out of my ribs.  OY.  But at the same time, it is nice to know that she’s still in there.  🙂


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I’m Thankful For…

It is the day before Thanksgiving and I figured this is the time where people reflect on what they’re thankful for so perhaps I should take the time to figure out what I’m thankful for instead of being in my selfish bubble.
So what am I thankful for right now?
These Target Merona flats:

 I wear these nearly EVERY day because they are oh-so-comfortable and they match just about everything I own.  These were the first shoes I purchased when I found out I was pregnant (and incidentally found out that my feet had expanded by a half size).  I loev you, flats.
Old Navy Maternity Clothes

While I am irritated with Old Navy’s return policy – I have to say that their clothes have been life-saving in that they are incredibly affordable and super comfortable.
As I get bigger and bigger… the more indigestion and heartburn I get.  Tums have been my savior.

My Parents:

A rare photo of the two of them together and smiling nicely – taken at my wedding 3 years ago.

They drive me absolutely crazy but obviously I wouldn’t be here without them.  They are an endless source of humor for me and I know that despite how batshit crazy they can be, they love me endlessly.

Oh and my mom has instilled the fear that I may actually be having a boy.  She is just convinced of it.  She is making me second guess our sonogram technician so I’m trying to steer away from gender specific stuff.  Oh – and the idea of a baby registry?  They don’t seem to understand it… at all.  I’m honestly afraid of what they may buy me (although I know I should appreciate anything they give… but for anyone that does not have an asian mother, you have no idea what she may possibly give me).

The stories of my parents are endless so I’m going to stop here…

My dogs:

My dogs sleeping in their car seat on the way home from the Outer Banks – 2008

I honestly can’t remember what life was like without my dogs.  While they aren’t the best at socializing with other dogs (we don’t have many playdates) – they are hilarious, sweet and very very warm (and that is great in the winter).  I hope they do well with the new addition!

Emily wondering what is wrong with Jeremy

Jeremy is honestly the best and most awesome partner anyone could ever ask for.  He’s incredibly hard-working (sometimes I wish I had his work ethic), he’s thoughtful, he’s loving, he tells me I’m still pretty even when I feel like a beached whale, he’s a great gift-giver, he caters to my crazy, he’s great with the dogs (do you need proof?  Just look at that picture!), he makes me laugh, he’s responsible (someone in this marriage has to be), he’s a planner, he has ambition, and he’s surprisingly smart.  Because of all this – I can look past his dorky love of Star Wars, lame video games and dorky TV shows on The History Channel.

My baby:

Even though my baby resembled The Joker 12 weeks ago (holy hell – time is flying by!) – I am thankful for this little bean / peanut / bambino / baby girl.  I am thankful that my pregnancy has been healthy and uncomplicated so far.  While I am nervous about being a mom – I wouldn’t change anything about this experience.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I Learned How Not to Kill My Baby

I’ve reached the point in pregnancy where it is time (or at least encouraged) to take “Parent Education” classes.  Since neither Jeremy nor I have any experience with infants, we figured we’d benefit from a few of the classes offered (and oy vey – there are a TON out there).

It is difficult to try to fit in classes around what is available through the hospital with my due date, Jeremy’s class schedule and his finals as well as around work. 

This past weekend, we took the “Infant Care Workshop”.  It was a 6-hour class that covered such topics as (pulled from their website):

infant bathing, diapering and swaddling, and an overview of breastfeeding will be discussed. Newborn characteristics and a question answer forum will be instructed by a board certified pediatrician. Suggestions for types of bottles and formula preparations and an introduction to solids and signs of food allergies will be reviewed. Signs of illness, how and when to call the pediatrician and what to expect with your new baby the first few days at home.

There were quite a few parents I knew that told me that this class was worthless.  But I don’t think people really understand when I say that I have NEVER changed a diaper in my life… let alone even HELD an infant for more than a few minutes at a time (and sadly for less times than I can probably count on my hands).  I am ridiculously inexperienced and utterfly terrified that I lack that whole “motherly instinct”.  When I find myself in a situation where I don’t know what to do – I don’t instantly snap into some great problem-solver.  My mind goes completely blank and I look at Jeremy.

So – you can understand why we thought that just having a class that went over the basics could help us newbies.

Well – we arrived to the class late (great start, right?).  We sat through a boring lecture and a disturbing PowerPoint presentation.  The presentation had pictures of different but common newborn ailments like “stork bites” and other rashes.  That was actually helpful.  But then the nurse put up a picture of a newborn girl’s susie.

I tried not to act like a middle schooler or even a total prude – but it just felt strange to stare at a giant picture of a baby girl’s weewee.  The nurse talked about some common things seen in a newborn girl and I guess it was good to hear.

Can you guess what the next image was?  A newborn boy’s peter… hooray!  She pointed out that it was uncircumcised and went on to chat about common newborn boy problems.

She kept that particular image up for a good 10-15 minutes… well past her discussion of newborn boy issues. 

The next image she showed was what a newborn boy’s wang looked like right after circumcision and holy hell… I’m glad we’re not having a boy.

So did we find the class useful?  I’d say the last hour was useful because it was actually hands-on.  She discussed swaddling, diapering and bathing.  While I don’t think we’ll be swaddling with a blanket (that’s what those pre-made swaddlers are for!) – it was interesting to hear about the benefits of swaddling. 

Also – I’m not sure we really benefited from some of the hands-on stuff.  I mean – we learned on a doll.  The doll isn’t squirming or screaming.  Although when it was my turn to diaper, Jeremy tried very hard to make the situation “realistic” and moved the baby’s arms and legs so that I had a hard time diapering.

Other interesting tidbits that we learned…

  • Just because you’re having a girl doesn’t mean her pee can’t get everywhere when you’re changing her.
  • Babies can have explosive poops that can project off of a changing table and onto you, the wall and the floor. (this has made Jeremy and I want to buy an area rug for under the changing table – or cover the walls and floors with plastic a la Dexter).
  • You should limit as much outside exposure to your newborn in the first 6 weeks.  While you don’t need to hole yourself up in your house – you should avoid air travel and things like that since they don’t get their first round of immunizations until 6 weeks.
  • You can get pregnant while you are breastfeeding even if you haven’t gotten your period yet.  This explains “irish twins” I guess.
  • People are idiots.  I thought Jeremy and I were completely clueless but the other future parents in the class made me feel like a genius.  When the nurse was talking about bathing, she flipped the baby doll over onto its stomach to wash the back.  I heard 2 women gasp and one eventually asked if you would just put your baby face down like that… as though you wouldn’t TURN THE BABY’S HEAD so that it wasn’t face down on a towel.  Seriously, ladies?
  • Apparently there is a type of hold in breastfeeding that appears like you’re holding your baby like a football cradled under your arm.
  • The umbilical cord looks ridiculously disgusting as you wait for it to “fall off”.  She showed us a picture of what it will look like and holy hell, I thought I was going to vomit.
  • If you have a vaginal birth, your baby will probably be born with a strangely shaped head (resembling a small cone).  Awesome.
  • You’re supposed to feed your baby like 8 times a day… so even if your baby seems to be “sleeping through the night” (and that does not actually mean through the night!) – you’re supposed to wake it up to feed it. 
  • You must use a rectal thermometer for newborns!  Poor things.

And sadly – that may be all that I retained from the class.  I know the nurses in the hospital show you how to do the basics before you leave and Jeremy thinks that by hearing this information twice, we’ll actually absorb it.  Fingers crossed.


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Fashion Bump Watch

Yeah yeah yeah… I fell behind… AGAIN. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No picture.  We interviewed a pediatrician after work and I got home much later than expected and was starving.  I didn’t even think about snapping a photo.  I just quickly changed into my sweats and devoured some food.  But believe me – I definitely half-assed my outfit that day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a photo of what I wore

Top: Old Navy Maternity.

Pants: Gap Maternity.

I’ve worn this outfit before.  Its nothing new or fancy… or even particularly girly.  It is just really comfortable.  However, I totally forgot to pack a tank top to wear under the gauzy top when I went to the gym.  Luckily I was able to get ahold of Jeremy before he got to the office so he was able to bring me a tank top.  I wasn’t sure what I would do.  It wasn’t ridiculously see-through but it was pretty sheer.  I blame pregnancy brain.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

a photo of what I wore

Top:  Old Navy Maternity.

Pants:  Old Navy (not maternity)

Belt: Target

Flats: Target – Merona

I own this top in green.  I love it.  I wear the green one with a fun scarf that I own but I wasn’t sure how to style this particular top.  I paired it with a chunky black necklace that is actually quite long but I double looped it.  I think I got the necklace on sale at Macy’s.

Friday, November 19, 2010

a photo of what I wore

Dress:  Old Navy Maternity.

Tights:  Old Navy?

Shoes:  Target.

This is a new dress that I bought on sale at Old Navy (online) with an additional 30% off coupon.  I love getting discounts on sale merchandise.  And I love this dress.  I got a lot of compliments on it the day I wore it.  As for the heels – I love these heels.  I love gray accessories. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

a photo of what I wore

Top:  Old Navy Maternity (with a long-sleeved waffle shirt from the Gap)

Jeans:  Old Navy Maternity.  These jeans are the BEST maternity purchase I’ve made.  They are so comfy and awesome and inexpensive.

Boots:  Sheikh Shoes.

I wore this outfit to our 6 hour “infant care workshop” and was very comfortable all day.  And that class?  That deserves its own post.

Fun / Weird Pregnancy Stuff:  My brother stopped by my house this evening and told my that my ankles were incredibly swollen.  (Jeremy swears they’re not)  And more and more people are telling me that I am now “waddling”.  I think I only “waddle” when I get up and start walking after being seated for a long time.  That has more to do with my sore lower back.  Jeremy said that I’m walking with my “hips open”.  I think that is his way of nicely saying that I sort of waddle.  Hot stuff.

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Random Blurbs on a Friday

  • Did you know that if you accidentally (or maybe purposefully) cut off a finger, you could put it in a glass of milk and take it to the hospital with you?  The milk helps the finger stay viable.  I learned this from my (well, bambino’s) pediatrician the other day.
  • My insurance company is seriously pissing me off.  The auto body shop uncovered additional damages (as predicted) but MetLife couldn’t get an adjuster out to confirm (or whatever they need to do) for 5 days.  I freaked out because I only have rental coverage for 30 days and the auto body shop said that they’re estimating 20 business days for repair.  With the 5 days that my car went untouched, I will run out of rental coverage before.  AND I NEED A CAR!  I complained to my insurance company about it and they basically told me to go suck an egg. 
  • I’m irritated with Old Navy right now.  I don’t understand when stores that have a large online store and tons of brick & mortar stores don’t allow ALL exchanges to occur IN THE STORE.  Most maternity stuff has to be returned via mail.  I ordered (my last order until the baby is here, I swear!) a bunch of stuff and a pair of pants look like poop on me.  I want to return them but Old Navy is CHARGING me a shipping fee to return them.  Are you f’n kidding me?  That is some BULLSHIT, Old Navy.  It is not my fault that your pants look WAY slimmer online than they are in person.
  • Tomorrow Jeremy and I are taking an “Infant Care Workshop” where we’ll learn helpful skills like: changing a diaper, swaddling a baby, bathing a baby, and keeping your baby alive.  It is a 6 hour course !!  And all I can hope for is that we get a lunch break. 
  • We ordered this wall decal the other day from Etsy.  I can’t wait to try to put it up…

So that’s all I’ve really got for today.  But how handy is that finger in the milk tip?  Who knew, right?  He said that soy milk is just as effective (we don’t drink regular milk).


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Fashion Bump Watch – The “I Really Fell Behind” Edition

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I posted one of these pictures until I got around to uploading them.  Holy crap.  But still – I decided to post these anyways because if I didn’t, I”d stop doing this altogether and then who would hold me accountable to dressing like a normal, cute person? 

I had some serious pregnancy brain over the weekend and couldn’t find my little point & shoot camera.  I had left it in my jacket pocket (to conceal from my neighbors outside so they wouldn’t see that I was trying to snap a photo of myself).  Anywho…

Thursday, November 4, 2010

a photo of what I wore

Top:  H&M Maternity. 

Pants:  Old Navy Maternity.

Yup – full maternity attire… and you know what?  I was so f’n comfortable.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I didn’t snap a photo on Friday – that was the day of the accident.  And oy – MetLife is dicking me around so I’ll have to post about that another time.

Monday, November 8, 2010

a photo of what I wore

Top:  Juicy Couture (purchased at Urban Chic).

Pants: Express (held up with a Belly Band)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a photo of what I wore

Dress:  H&M Maternity.  And this also works as a nursing dress (the top has some extra fabric that allows you to whip out your boob in style, I suppose.  And here’s my complaint about some maternity clothes.  For me – my boobs haven’t really gotten much bigger.   Maternity clothes somehow increase the size along the bust of tops and dresses exponentially as you go up in size.  So if I’m not comfortable in something a little too snug around my waist, I have to go up a size and deal with a too baggy top.  It’s annoying.  This dress is a size small and I’m not entirely sure I like the fit.  But the medium was ridiculously large in the chest.

Tights:  Purple-ish opaque tights from Target, I think.

Shoes:  Target – Merona.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a photo of what I wore

Dress:  Target – Liz Lange Maternity

Tights:  Black opaque tights from… Old Navy, I think.  And I didn’t realize that the elastic in the waist wasn’t very elastic-y (if that’s a word) because it wouldn’t stay above my belly… which means I spent the day trying to hike up my tights.

Shoes:  Target – Merona.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

a photo of what I wore

Top:  Gap Maternity.  I also just bought this in Green.

Pants:  Gap Maternity.  Full panel elastic waist pants are glorious.

a photo of what I wore

Jacket – Gap.  I love this jacket and got it for a ridiculous sale price last year.  But after purchasing it – I realized why it was on sale.  It is a thick wool but the sleeves are only 3/4 in length.  This might be one of my dumbest purchases.

Shoes:  Target – Merona.  I had to wear heels because the pants were too long and holy hell – these KILLED my feet.  I was hoping the cold weather somehow shrunk my feet but I was mistaken.

Friday, November 12, 2010

a photo of what I wore

I call this look, “Corporate Kim”.  I had an important business meeting that I needed to look snazzy for.

Top:  Gap Maternity.  I also own this top in gray.

Suit: The Limited.

Shoes:  Nine West maryjanes… and my feet are too big for these now too.  Ugh.

Monday, November 15, 2010

a photo of what I wore

This look is, “I wasn’t paying attention to the self-timer on the camera”.

Top:  H&M Maternity paired with a white button up shirt from NY & Company.

Pants:  Old Navy Maternity.

Shoes:  Leopard print flats from Target.

Fun/Weird Pregnancy Symptoms:  Hhhhmmm… I’ve played the pregnancy card a lot lately (with my car) to try to garner sympathy and get things done.  And given the fact that over the course of these past 2 weeks I’ve had one woman compare me to her puppy, “You remind me of my puppy.  You get bigger everyday!” or had another woman imply that she thought I was DUE ANY DAY NOW, “I can’t believe you’re still coming to work…” – I think I’ve earned the right to play the pregnancy card.

Other things – I realized today that I have 12 weeks left in this pregnancy and that is f’n crazy.  I’m in my 3rd trimester according to ALL sources now and I feel like there is so much left to do.  We’ve set up appointments with 2 pediatricians to interview and I am so nervous.  I looked up a bunch of questions to ask but honestly have no clue what would be an appropriate answer to any of the questions.

Also – bambino is moving around like crazy!  She used to only move at night when I was winding down but now I feel her throughout the day.  I think this means that when she gets bigger, I’ll end up pissing my pants and in a lot of discomfort because she can’t sit still.


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