Maternity Picture Fun

We were flattered when our friend, Traci, asked if we would shoot maternity pictures of her.  We never bill ourselves as professionals or even close – in fact, I consider myself a photography enthusiast with a lot to learn!

Traci liked the photos we did of Kt & Ian back in June and had faith in our skills.  One of the exciting things about Traci’s pregnancy is that she is almost exactly 3 weeks ahead of me!  It is fun to be able to chat about pregnancy stuff with another first-timer.

We had a great time taking these photos and with Traci’s permission, I’m posting a few of my favorites.

We took these photos at Latrobe Park in Locust Point (a neighborhood in Baltimore) as well as some in the future nursery (they’re having a boy!). 

Mike & Traci Maternity 082

Mike & Traci Maternity bench

Mike & Traci Maternity 079

Mike & Traci Maternity 100

Mike & Traci Maternity 126

Mike & Traci Maternity 177 2 B&W

Mike & Traci Maternity 526 b&w

Mike & Traci Maternity 653 2

Mike & Traci Maternity 604 2

Mike & Traci Maternity sophie portrait

Traci reads this blog so go ahead and tell her what a gorgeous pregnant gal she is!  And isn’t her dog, Sophie, adorable too?

Also – I’m pandering for votes people.  Apparently I’m up for a Mobbie (it is a local paper thing) for best personal Twitter feed.  While I am in no way as clever or funny as some of the top contenders, I’m too close to the top 20 to NOT pander!  So please vote for me… charmcitykim for Best Twitter Feed – personal!



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5 responses to “Maternity Picture Fun

  1. Done and done! Also, where are your super adorable pregnancy pictures? I demand to see super adorable pregnancy pictures!

  2. Kt

    Love all of these. Traci – you look so cute! Hope to see you in person sometime soon!

  3. Traci- you look beautiful! What great photos!

  4. Beth Tribles

    Gorgeous !

  5. you guys just keep getting better and better. these are beautiful!! my favorite is the b&w of them kissing against the tree – so sweet.

    can’t wait for your turn!

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