It’s Raining… Baby Stuff? (or Yippee – my friends are throwing me a baby shower)

I just wanted to share the super cute invite that my friend created for my baby shower.  She had sent the majority of the invites through Evite (I told her to since it is a green and cheap way to invite people) but had created some paper invites for family.  Family required paper invites because (1) I doubt my mom and mother-in-law have any idea what an Evite is and (2) my mom doesn’t even know how to use a computer.

a photo of my shower invite

How frickin’ cute is that invite?  My friend is aware of my recent obsession with owls in the nursery and specifically sought out an owl baby shower graphic. 

And can I tell you how much anxiety I have over the idea of my mom in a large social setting?  I love my mother dearly – I really do… she is the source of much comic relief and other mom stuff (you know, like love).  But when you put her in a social setting with a large group of people, she acts like a complete nut.

Or she’s just really shy (as Jeremy has pointed out).

My mom is a Chatty Cathy.  And she will tell you if you’ve gained weight, lost weight, lost hair, have gray hair, have a pimple, look beautiful, etc.  I think it is an asian mom thing.  She’s really comfortable with a few of my friends (most notably the ones I’ve been hanging with for 15 years… or in the case of some, over 20 years).  But then there are new people.  New people are people that I’ve known less than 10 years.

Jeremy thinks my mom is just very shy and self conscious about her English.  She is the absolute WORST around my in-laws.  She hardly speaks and she acts like she doesn’t really know English half the time.  It KILLS me.

My in-laws are surprisingly very understanding (or at least to my face).  They’ve lived in various countries (including Korea and Japan) and have a lot of experience with asian women.  They don’t find her to be “weird” – in fact, I think they’ve also indicated that she just seems shy.

At my bridal shower, my mom was chatty.  She was thrilled about the occasion but didn’t do a lot of socializing with folks.  And she also proved that she doesn’t know anything about me.  You know those cutesy little games like, “How well do you know the bride & groom?”  Well apparently my mom doesn’t know me or Jeremy AT ALL.  (and btw – I found that to be hysterical)

I’m not sure how she’ll do at a baby shower.  She is over the moon about this baby but again – she’ll be in a social situation where there will be silly games and whatnot.  God help me.  I begged my oldest friend (not in age, but in length of time I’ve known her) to come because my mom is SUPER comfortable with her and I think my mom needs some social support.

So am I alone in the “my parents mortify me in social situations by how awkward they behave”?  Please tell me you’re in the same boat and tell me how you manage it!



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4 responses to “It’s Raining… Baby Stuff? (or Yippee – my friends are throwing me a baby shower)

  1. Oh, that sounds a lot like my mom! She’s actually pretty good about keeping the more mortifying things to herself until it’s just she and I. “Wow! So-and-so got FAT, huh?” Or like last night, “You’re going to a fancy restaurant so (my MIL) can drink a lot.”

    I also have to double-check what she’s wearing to any sort of social event. Her sense of style and what’s appropriate is a little…off at times. I often wonder what happened to her filter, but Brent happens to adore that about her, so, ya know…

    I think it is an asian mom thing, too. (She’s from the Philippines.)

  2. P.S. The owl invite is SUPER CUTE!

  3. My gawd. My mother and father drive me INSANE. My dad acts like he has no manners, which drives me nuts because it not only is rude but also because he is transferring it to my little brother.

    My mother on the other hand is so loud. As in I have actually shushed her before I could realize what I was doing. She also makes up little lies all the time and I am like WTF? Why would you make up such an insignificant lie? So needless to say there are not a lot of social situations where my parents blend with everyone else in my life. We have a fourth of July party every year that they come to but other than that it is pretty rare.

    Wow, I sound like a bitch but I suppose I take it as a reflection on me and I would hope not to act like that when others are around. My mother’s loudness translates to my being super reserved and quiet. Then people think I am a snot. My dad’s lack of manners make me feel like I have to say please and thank you a billion times which probably seems insincere. Ugh. Parents.

  4. Holy, hell. That owl is freakin’ adorable. I have no desire to have children, but I would like to redecorate our bedroom in owls.

    My mother is a nervous talker. When she’s feeling uncomfortable or nervous, she starts taking over the conversation and talking very loudly. I understand the tenancy, because I do it myself, but it’s so annoying in other people!

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