Breaking Down My Maternity Wear

I have not abandoned my belly fashion stuff – I’ll post my weeks worth of outfits soon.

But since I recently declared that maternity shopping isn’t fun, I thought I’d reflect on some of my maternity clothing purchases (I’m doing this more as a way for me to STOP wanting to buy more stuff – even though I just bought a bunch of stuff yesterday).

I’ve picked up some things that aren’t available online (a few maternity t-shirts, a couple of dresses, some pants, and 2 sweaters from H&M’s Maternity line) but here is a quick roundup of what I’ve purchased so far.

OH – and all things (minus the H&M stuff) was pretty much purchased on sale.  I can’t gush enough about Old Navy’s online maternity stuff.  They usually have great deals and pretty cute stuff. 

Wrap dress (Gap)

Crossover shirt (Gap)

Maternity Shirred Jersey Tunics (old Navy)

(in green and tan)

Maternity Ruffled Gauze V-Neck Tops (Old Navy)

Maternity Bow-Neck Tops (Old Navy)

(in black, tan and dark purple)

Maternity Low Rise Boot-Cut Jeans (Old Navy)

Maternity Full-Panel Skinny Jeans (Old Navy)

Maternity Full-Panel Perfect Khakis (Old Navy)

(in light khaki and tan)

Cowlneck short-sleeved T (Gap)

Striped cowlneck T (Gap)

This is probably one of my favorite shirts. 

I just ordered some stuff from Old Navy & Gap yesterday but will wait until I receive them to determine if I like them.

So far, I’ve spent roughly $400 over the course of 4 months and have purchased:
– 2 pairs of maternity jeans
– 3 pairs of maternity pants (for work)
– 5 dresses
– 2 t-shirts
– 3 sweaters
– 9 tops

Not too shabby.  After this most recent purchase, however, I think I’m done.  It is amazing how the cost of clothing adds up when you really break it down (vs just buying things spread out over a few months and therefore only seeing the smaller incremental purchase prices).


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  1. Oh, Old Navy, how I love thee. Some of my favorite pieces, things I wouldn’t normally choose for myself, came from Old Navy, because for $5 I’ll try anything!

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