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Random Blurbs on a Friday

  • Did you know that if you accidentally (or maybe purposefully) cut off a finger, you could put it in a glass of milk and take it to the hospital with you?  The milk helps the finger stay viable.  I learned this from my (well, bambino’s) pediatrician the other day.
  • My insurance company is seriously pissing me off.  The auto body shop uncovered additional damages (as predicted) but MetLife couldn’t get an adjuster out to confirm (or whatever they need to do) for 5 days.  I freaked out because I only have rental coverage for 30 days and the auto body shop said that they’re estimating 20 business days for repair.  With the 5 days that my car went untouched, I will run out of rental coverage before.  AND I NEED A CAR!  I complained to my insurance company about it and they basically told me to go suck an egg. 
  • I’m irritated with Old Navy right now.  I don’t understand when stores that have a large online store and tons of brick & mortar stores don’t allow ALL exchanges to occur IN THE STORE.  Most maternity stuff has to be returned via mail.  I ordered (my last order until the baby is here, I swear!) a bunch of stuff and a pair of pants look like poop on me.  I want to return them but Old Navy is CHARGING me a shipping fee to return them.  Are you f’n kidding me?  That is some BULLSHIT, Old Navy.  It is not my fault that your pants look WAY slimmer online than they are in person.
  • Tomorrow Jeremy and I are taking an “Infant Care Workshop” where we’ll learn helpful skills like: changing a diaper, swaddling a baby, bathing a baby, and keeping your baby alive.  It is a 6 hour course !!  And all I can hope for is that we get a lunch break. 
  • We ordered this wall decal the other day from Etsy.  I can’t wait to try to put it up…

So that’s all I’ve really got for today.  But how handy is that finger in the milk tip?  Who knew, right?  He said that soy milk is just as effective (we don’t drink regular milk).


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