I’m Thankful For…

It is the day before Thanksgiving and I figured this is the time where people reflect on what they’re thankful for so perhaps I should take the time to figure out what I’m thankful for instead of being in my selfish bubble.
So what am I thankful for right now?
These Target Merona flats:

 I wear these nearly EVERY day because they are oh-so-comfortable and they match just about everything I own.  These were the first shoes I purchased when I found out I was pregnant (and incidentally found out that my feet had expanded by a half size).  I loev you, flats.
Old Navy Maternity Clothes

While I am irritated with Old Navy’s return policy – I have to say that their clothes have been life-saving in that they are incredibly affordable and super comfortable.
As I get bigger and bigger… the more indigestion and heartburn I get.  Tums have been my savior.

My Parents:

A rare photo of the two of them together and smiling nicely – taken at my wedding 3 years ago.

They drive me absolutely crazy but obviously I wouldn’t be here without them.  They are an endless source of humor for me and I know that despite how batshit crazy they can be, they love me endlessly.

Oh and my mom has instilled the fear that I may actually be having a boy.  She is just convinced of it.  She is making me second guess our sonogram technician so I’m trying to steer away from gender specific stuff.  Oh – and the idea of a baby registry?  They don’t seem to understand it… at all.  I’m honestly afraid of what they may buy me (although I know I should appreciate anything they give… but for anyone that does not have an asian mother, you have no idea what she may possibly give me).

The stories of my parents are endless so I’m going to stop here…

My dogs:

My dogs sleeping in their car seat on the way home from the Outer Banks – 2008

I honestly can’t remember what life was like without my dogs.  While they aren’t the best at socializing with other dogs (we don’t have many playdates) – they are hilarious, sweet and very very warm (and that is great in the winter).  I hope they do well with the new addition!

Emily wondering what is wrong with Jeremy

Jeremy is honestly the best and most awesome partner anyone could ever ask for.  He’s incredibly hard-working (sometimes I wish I had his work ethic), he’s thoughtful, he’s loving, he tells me I’m still pretty even when I feel like a beached whale, he’s a great gift-giver, he caters to my crazy, he’s great with the dogs (do you need proof?  Just look at that picture!), he makes me laugh, he’s responsible (someone in this marriage has to be), he’s a planner, he has ambition, and he’s surprisingly smart.  Because of all this – I can look past his dorky love of Star Wars, lame video games and dorky TV shows on The History Channel.

My baby:

Even though my baby resembled The Joker 12 weeks ago (holy hell – time is flying by!) – I am thankful for this little bean / peanut / bambino / baby girl.  I am thankful that my pregnancy has been healthy and uncomplicated so far.  While I am nervous about being a mom – I wouldn’t change anything about this experience.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. (The last pic isn’t working for me, but maybe it’s just my computer.)

    Happy Thanksgiving, mama!

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