Some stupid and not so stupid things

Stupid Things

1.  Trying to lift / carry / drag somewhat heavy furniture when I am 7 months pregnant with a lower back prone to pain.
  We are in the midst of setting up the nursery, moving Jeremy’s clothes into our bedroom, and rearranging/expanding furniture.  Since I took the day after Thanksgiving off of work and was without a car, I stayed home and assembled furniture, carried it up 2 flights of stairs (in one instance), and dragged it from one room into another.  I think this just aggravated my lower back and my sciatica.  However… (onto stupid thing #2)

2. Still continuing to run while dealing with lower back pain and sciatica. 

I decided it would be a good idea to go for a run Saturday morning.  It was short (only 2 miles) but I hadn’t worked out for a few days and was itching to do something.  I spent the rest of the day hobbling around in pain since every step I took felt like someone was stabbing me in the ass.  But it doesn’t stop there…

The pain felt a little better today so I thought I’d give running (on a treadmill) another shot.  I was in pain for the first mile but pushed through until 3.25 miles.  I felt great.  Had I managed to make the pain go away?  5 minutes later I learned that it was a very bad idea to push through the pain.  And now 6 hours later I am in a ridiculous amount of pain.  I just scheduled an appointment with a chiropractor to help me (but am not seeing them until Saturday).

3.  Movie sequels. 

After watching “The Walking Dead” on AMC (if you haven’t seen this show yet, WATCH IT.  It is so good.) – Jeremy had a hankering to watch “The Boondock Saints”.  It was a strange association until we both realized that one of the actors in “The Walking Dead” was also in “Boondock Saints”.  We pulled it up on the Netflix “Watch Instantly” and saw that there was a sequel (it came out 10 years after the first movie).  Holy motherf’n cannoli – I think it might be one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen in my life.  Words don’t actually do it justice but the best line from the entire movie was, “Ding dong, motherfucker! Ding dong!”

I’m also currently in the midst of watching Sex and the City 2.  I liked the series and enjoyed the first movie but oy, this sequel is almost painful to watch.  It is like a car accident.  What the crap went wrong?!

4.  Signing up for a 2.5 hour 4-week mid-week “childbirth education” class that doesn’t end until 9:30pm… my bedtime. 

In retrospect, I really wished we would have just signed up for one all-day class on a weekend instead of 4 mid-week classes that wouldn’t get me home until a little after 10pm.  For most normal people that isn’t a big deal but I get up at 5am during the week so I try to go to bed as early as possible.  UGH.  I’m already dreading this.

Not-so-stupid Thing

We watched a few things through Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” over the weekend and one of them included “The Business of Being Born“. 

I knew the basic idea of the movie (it focuses on “natural births”) and was just interested to see what their take was on hospitals.  I learned some interesting things, I took a lot of things with a grain of salt but mostly – we watch 4 natural births and 1 c-section.  I thought I would be horrified.  I thought I’d want to vomit and then have nightmares about my own delivery but in actuality, it seemed relatively… easy?  I’m sure these women were in pain but they were so silent, there wasn’t much blood and to see the sheer relief and joy they felt when their baby was handed to them just eased my fears about delivery.  Jeremy nixed the idea of us ever having a home birth (and I’d never be down for that) – but I am considering the idea of going drug-free.  CONSIDERING is the operative word here because I’m sure I’ll sing a different tune once I start feeling full-on contractions.

I’ve spent a good chunk of time reading pregnancy forums and women’s experiences with epidurals.  And of course I’m only focusing on all of the horrible experiences instead of the majority of good ones.



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3 responses to “Some stupid and not so stupid things

  1. I LOVE The Business of Being Born but I cannot help thinking that the women they feature are super-human. Seriously.

    My mother when she was pregnant with my sister was completely terrified of childbirth and the week before her hospital tour she had a dream about labor and delivery (right up to finding out the gender, God love the 80’s). She said it was a very graphic and informative dream and when she went on her hospital tour she was quite surprised to find that everything from her dream was spot on. And they had just renovated the birthing center. She had no way of knowing what it would look like but lo and behold it was the exact same.

    From that moment on she had absolutely no fear of childbirth. And she had 2 very healthy, damn near 10 pound babies…naturally…

    Talk about being super-human 🙂

  2. I don’t think I’d do it, but I also don’t think you’re totally insane for considering drug-free. Maybe a little insane, but not totally.

  3. My mom and sister in law both had a drug free birth and a birth using medication and both said they VASTLY preferred the drug free birth. They said they were just more aware of what your body was going through, how hard to push, etc. Personally, I am not sure if I could do it, but if you can, more power to you!

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