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Catering To My Inability to Actually Call People – Holiday Cards

I am 7 months pregnant and I think only a very very small fraction of my family knows this… and all of this can be blamed on my inability to actually speak to any of them on the phone.  I don’t know what it is about being on the phone but I just hate it.  I never call them.  I never call them BACK when they call me.  I am a bad person.  I blame technology (because really – why call when you can just e-mail?).

Anywho – I think it is time to spread the joy to other members of my family.  I figured the holidays were a great time to do so in the form of a HOLIDAY CARD!  I haven’t sent holiday cards in a few years and when I do, I generally include a photo of my oh-so-photogenic dogs.  This year, I thought I’d include a photo of my little bean’s sonogram as well as my dogs awkwardly posing in a Santa hat… because nothing says, “Happy Holidays” more than humiliating my dogs.  (I kid, I kid)

I generally use Shutterfly as my go-to photo sharing site (outside of Flickr).  I started perusing their selection of holiday cards and loved these:

I love that this card is a fancier version of the “holiday letter”.  I’ve never actually written a holiday letter and am not sure I’d have much more to say than, “Can you believe it?  I voluntarily and willingly decided it would be a great idea to push a watermelon out of my girly bits!” but I love the concept.

I love this card too.  It is a similar concept but instead of a formal letter, you just list out things that you loved about the year.  I love that idea but don’t know if I have 10 things to list without sounding like a turd. 

But I’m also a little hesitant to send out a “Merry Christmas” card only because it seems more appropriate to say “Happy Holidays” these days.  Although this could help get rid of the myth that I married into a Jewish family.  For some reason, the majority of folks in my family thought I was marrying a Jewish guy just because of his last name (his family is not Jewish and they’ve argued that their last name is German).  Hilarious!

I like this card because you can add a short message and that is more my style.  Plus we can have a pic of the dogs, a sonogram pic and then I guess whatever cheesy pic I can pull together of me & Jeremy.

But then that got me thinking about all the future gifts and invites I can make through Shutterfly with a new baby!  I vowed that I wouldn’t be THAT mom that only gifts items with pics of her child on them but I’m pretty sure I will fall into that trap (perhaps not to the point where I’m getting a tie printed with her image).

I mean – how great would a calendar be?

Their wall calendars actually let you add PERSONALIZED dates to them!  This is perfect for my forgetful husband and my crazy parents (who I swear have removed their memories and replaced them with things related to the slot machines).

And what about birthday invitations?

OMG – an owl invite?  I just died.

And how cute is this card?! 

And I’m just going to go ahead and give myself a Mother’s Day Card

I couldn’t agree more, card… it really should be.

So which card do you like the best?

For those of you with family members spread across the country – how do you spread good news to them?

** Hey bloggers – Shutterfly is currently running a promotion where they will give you 50 free holiday cards for blogging about their holiday cards!  Check it out here! **


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