Puddle of Emotions – Stupid Pregnancy Hormones

Jeremy will tell you that there was a point during this pregnancy where I was a roller coaster of emotions… but that roller coaster only went between happy and angry. 

Lately – I’ve just been stressed and yesterday I broke down and cried.  And cried.  And then cried some more.

As sick as I am of talking about it – the situation with my car is stressing me out.  I know that in the grand scheme of things, it is JUST a car and I still have my health and blah blah blah blah blah.  But when you factor in pregnancy hormones, you might as well tell me that my world is crumbling because that is how I feel.

I haven’t had my car since November 10th.  I keep hearing different timeframes of when my car will be ready from the auto body shop and the latest date sent me over the edge.  My rental coverage expires on December 13th (and that was due to some finagling I had to do on my part to extend it 4 days). 

So the latest date?  DECEMBER 23rd!  And that wasn’t even a guarantee.  They are “hoping” for December 23rd so that they don’t have it over the holidays. 


And it made me cry.  And then that just set off a chain of events that eventually ended with me crying over the fact that I couldn’t comfortably clip my toenails.  It was a ridiculous site to behold and I know that it is funny… but at the time, it was just ANOTHER thing happening TO ME.

During my toenail clipping debacle, Jeremy offered to clip my toenails (and seriously – that is LOVE) but I cried and said that he would just end up hurting me.  So now I have some crooked, jagged toenails and a learned lesson of I should just pay someone to do my nails for me.

On top of the car insurance deductible, I received my bill for my emergency room visit… and then couple that with the upcoming holidays and Jeremy’s big 3-0 birthday – I feel like we’re broke.  Jeremy has assured me that we’re fine but I just worry and stress about money ALL THE TIME. 

Anywho – I’ve been Debbie Downer for the last 2 days and tomorrow is my baby shower so I’m really hoping I snap out of this.  Nobody likes a sad pregnant chick.

On a positive note (or at least I’m TRYING to be positive) – I am about 31 weeks pregnant.  I had my monthly OB appointment today and my doc told me that everything looked great and that I looked great.  I am now officially moving to having bi-weekly appointments with my doc until around 36 weeks where I will then move to weekly… and HOLY HELL TIME IS FLYING BY!

And I just found out that one of my besties is having a baby boy!  That makes 3 friends I know that are either having or recently just had a baby boy.  Looks like my little bambino could have some suitors!



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3 responses to “Puddle of Emotions – Stupid Pregnancy Hormones

  1. Hey crankypants! What are you talking about? Everyone LOVES a sad pregnant lady.

  2. Meredith

    Cheer up…there will be cake tomorrow 🙂

    And you’re right, in the grand scheme of things, the car thing is silly but no less frustrating!

  3. Sarah

    Hope you have a happy and fun baby shower this weekend! 🙂

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