Baby Shower Fun

This past weekend was my baby shower and it was just what I needed in the midst of my “woe is me” slump.  My besties did a fantastic job with everything… from the invite, the food, the decor… it was great and it made me feel loved. 

I wanted to share some of the amazing decor/crafts that my friend put together at my shower.  I always long to be crafty but generally fall short so my jaw dropped when I saw what my pal put together:

These were on every table at my shower.  My mom spent a good chunk of time trying to determine if these “cupcakes” were edible or not.  My friend, Theresa, folded these little creations from washcloths and baby socks!  How cute, right?  I am NOT that creative but feel like I’m going to have to “borrow” this idea for future showers that I host.

The “cupcakes” surrounded these magnificent cake pops:

Theresa made all of these (using Bakerella‘s recipe) and I think they were a hit.  I’ve eaten an obscene amount of these already and will probably crave them fortnightly.

And I almost died when I saw the cakes Theresa made!  Theresa is a fantastic baker and while I know these were a pain in the ass for her to make, they were nothing short of amazing.

That little owl topper?  SHE MADE THAT OUT OF SUGAR!  It was inspired by the invitation that my pal, Kristin, made:

My friends are so crafty!

And I was also really touched by everyone that came (even Kt made an appearance despite all the craziness that is happening in her life right now!) and a lot of the gifts that I received.  Apparently Kristin had set up a surprise for me in that she asked all of the guests to bring a children’s book and sign it.  I’ve always been told about the importance of reading to your child and am thrilled that I have a ton of books (personalized by my friends and family) to share!  We put up some shelves in the nursery and I’ll have to post a pic of how the books look on display sometime soon.

So – it was nice to have something to brighten my mood because I really needed it.

Also – I’m getting a hard time from family about how all I’ve requested for Christmas is stuff from the baby registry.  Honestly – outside of baby gear, we don’t need anything.  In fact, I’m in the process of trying to PURGE as much as possible!  We’ve accumulated so much crap over the years and have doubles of a lot of things from kitchen gadgets to scented lotions (seriously – I can’t handle scented lotions anymore).  I’d rather receive nothing but a hug than another pair of socks (especially since I just got rid of a giant bag full of them!).   I realize I sound like an ungrateful jerk right now but I’d rather people not waste the money on items that aren’t needed. 

In the same respect, Jeremy’s Christmas list is hilarious!  He’s asked for an iPad, a video camera, a surround sound receiver (that costs like $600!).  I guess he doesn’t share the same sentiment.  🙂

What are you wishing for this holiday?



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3 responses to “Baby Shower Fun

  1. Meredith

    Theresa and Kristin did a fantastic job and the shower was lovely! Those cakes were amazing and the cake pops…YUM. T showed me the ‘mess ups’ of the owl decal but seriously those were beautiful as well. I can’t wait to see pictures of Baby Girl in her black and white polka dot party dress! You got a ton of amazing stuff…that is going to be one well dressed bambino!

    It must be a guy thing because every year without fail my brother manages to come up with a list of ridiculous things he wants ($125 Coach belt and some high end shaving cream at $40 a can…I don’t think so!) even though he has more clothes and stuff then most women I know. My list this year is sad…I want a stainless steel trash can and this cool light fixture for my dining room. I’ve got the double whammy (birthday and Christmas) and people keep asking me what I want. In all honestly, I just want $$ but I feel like that’s rude to ask for. I have $900 in dues and upkeep for my license that all needs to be paid in January so bring on the cash. 🙂

  2. Carrie

    They did an amazing job with your shower. Good luck topping that one when you have to give Kristin one. Maybe you can borrow Theresa to make a cake. In the words of the great Mariah Carey, “All I want for Christmas is…YOU!” Oh, and Jeopardy for my nintendo ds.

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