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Fashion Bump Watch

Whoops – I haven’t blogged in almost a week!  Sorry, folks… I’ve just been feeling very social networking blah lately.  My tweets have been light too.  But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t snapping pictures!  This has become a habit now and I wonder if I’ll end up doing this post-pregnancy just because.  Although I imagine that the first few weeks post-pregnancy will just consist of me wearing spit-covered sweats.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Top: Gap Maternity (also owned in Black)

Pants:  Old Navy Maternity

Flats: Target Merona

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top:  Gap Maternity (also owned in Gray)

Sweater:  Urban Outfitters (not maternity!)

Pants:  Old Navy Maternity

Shoes:  Target Merona

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I didn’t go to work this day.  My sciatica and lower back muscle were KILLING ME so I spent the morning resting at home but then needed to get up and move around a bit so I got dressed and ran a quick errand so I didn’t feel like a complete waste of space.  Like my winter hat?

T-shirt:  Target Maternity (I think it is a Liz Lange t-shirt?)

Sweater:  Urban Outfitters (not maternity)

Jeans:  Old Navy Maternity

Shoes:  Toms

Hat:  Urban Outfitters

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Top:  White button down shirt from NY & Company… obviously not maternity and I couldn’t button it all the way but you can’t tell that with the sweater over it. 

Sweater:  H&M Maternity

Pants:  Old Navy Maternity

Shoes:  Target Merona

Necklace: Banana Republic

Friday, December 10, 2010

I actually did forget to take an outfit picture on Friday but I did snap this photo for our Holiday card!  I cropped Jeremy out since this isn’t a “Fashion Husbands of Pregnant Women Watch” post.

Top:  Gap Maternity

Pants:  Old Navy Maternity

Necklace:  Forever 21

Dog: Emily

Fun / Weird Pregnancy Stuff:  So this is neither fun nor weird but my sciatica is KILLING ME.  I was in pretty bad shape earlier this week between the sciatica and my lower back muscle pain.  I’ve been going to a chiropractor and I can’t determine if this is helping or hurting me.  My lower back muscle pain has somewhat ceased and the sciatica is not constant but oy, it sucks.

And the baby was moving a ton this weekend.  She was moving so much that you could SEE the movement in my belly.  It was like she was trying to bust out of there.  At one point I pushed down on a spot where she kicked and she totally kicked my hand!  It was hilarious.  My mom yells at me for poking at my belly… she thinks I’m aggravating my dear baby.  Sometimes I just want her to play.  🙂


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