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My Christmas Wish List

With Christmas a mere 2 days away, I thought I’d share with the blogosphere what I asked for this year (in case any of my generous readers want to send me gifts).

I really didn’t ask for much nor did I ask for anything particularly pricey (unlike my husband).  With a baby on the way, the last thing I want to do is haul in my stuff into the house.  Have I mentioned I’m completely freaking out about how much I feel like we have left to do?  Yeesh.

I gave a list to my husband and a list to his family (they requested one!).

Here is what I asked for from Jeremy (keeping in mind that we set a $100 limit on gifts so I know I won’t get all of this… and knowing Jeremy, I probably won’t get many of these things):

  • A new pair of running shoes (Brooks Adrenaline).  I purchased a Groupon that was good for $80 at a particularly running store and I said he could just use that towards the shoes.  I already know that he didn’t buy me these shoes.  Boo!

  • A pair of gray or silver NON-leather flats.  I didn’t have a particular model in mind but my husband is surprisingly good at knowing my style.
  • These earrings

  • This necklace (because I’ve become obsessed with owls since setting up the nursery):
  • A new lunch bag.  My current one is falling apart.
  • This water bottle (because the lining around the lip of my Sigg bottle has started to come apart and it is making it taste weird):

The list I gave to my in-laws had:

  • anything on our baby registry
  • various Etsy artwork to be used in the nursery
  • a ridiculously adorable newborn hat from Etsy
  • a sewing machine that is good for beginners
  • a new front door (this was probably the most extravagant thing I asked for and I only put it on there to break up the baby-related stuff)

I received a complaint from my mother-in-law that I wasn’t really asking for anything for MYSELF but I tried to argue that these are things that I wanted and would essentially end up buying anyways…  but alas, she didn’t like my answer.  My sister-in-law understood but then said, “I have some ideas on what to get you.”  I totally appreciate them wanting to buy me a gift but I pray that it is not a charm bracelet.  I don’t know what it is about motherhood but a lot of women I know that end up with babies, end up with charm bracelets shortly thereafter.  I’m just not a charm bracelet kind of gal.  In fact, I don’t wear bracelets because I don’t like things on my wrists.  Anywho – now I”m starting to sound ridiculously ungrateful and I really am not. 

What’s on YOUR Christmas list?


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