You Suck, Babies R Us

There’s nothing I hate more than bad customer service.  I have worked in a customer-service oriented position before (granted it was high school but I totally respect retail jobs at the mall!) so I feel like I have the right to expect a certain level of service.  I am not a high-maintenance customer by any means.  In fact, I’m usually quite pleasant and don’t ask for much.  What I expect, however, is GOOD customer service… and with a good attitude!

Living in the Baltimore Metropolitan area – I’m pretty much stuck with a small variety of “baby” superstores… most notably, the loathsome Babies R Us.  While I love Target, their baby section is quite small and I feared that only registering there would leave me without a lot of variety (plus it seems most of the stuff has to be purchased online).  So we were stuck.

My experience with Babies R Us has been hit or miss so far.  The closest BRU to us is located in an area where I grew up.  And let’s just say that the store is always packed with potential castmates of “Teen Mom” (but only the trashiest of the bunch). 

I have returned a few items to BRU and that customer service has been fantastic.  The ladies at that customer service desk have always helped me and one even cut me a break when I returned something because I forgot I had a coupon for it at home (technically you can’t get cash back on previous purchases but she was super nice and let me get it anyways).

However, if I need anything else… like help on the floor of the store, I’m usually shit out of luck.  The staff seem to hate life and most of them don’t seem to know shit about the products.  It is bad enough that as soon as you tag something as being baby-related, the price seems to jump up exponentially, but when I have to deal with turds – well, now you’re just asking for too much, BRU.

So anyways, this last week has sent me over the edge in terms of loathing BRU and I thought I’d share what they’ve done to piss me off just because I like to complain.  🙂

The Glider Debacle

We need a glider.  Well – we’re told by EVERYONE that we need a glider.  I noticed that BRU was having a “sale” on gliders that ended on 12/24.  We’re not crazy about most of the gliders we’ve seen at the store because they’re ugly (you know they are!) and they’re ridiculously overpriced.  We both decided that if we were to purchase a glider, we’d get one of the fully upholstered ones (which means they cost SO MUCH MORE). 

There is another baby superstore in Maryland (Buy Buy Baby) that is awesome and their selection rocks.  Jeremy wanted to check them out before we made a purchase a BRU just to make sure there wasn’t something better.  Well there was.  There were quite a few better things but they came with a hefty price tag ($600) that I just couldn’t justify.

So we settled on BRU.  We went on Christmas Eve with the intent of purchasing a chair on sale.  Of course there was nobody in the section to help us so we had to go have someone paged.  We settled on a chair.  The floor model was in a dark brown color but it had different color swatches attached to the chair.  We decided on a “buckwheat” color. 

When we asked the BRU staffer about ordering the chair in buckwheat, she pointed out that it would have been a “special order”.  Special orders take approximately 12 weeks to process.  Are you fucking kidding me?  Are they chopping down the tree to widdle the frame of the chair?  Are they sitting at a loom to make the upholstery fabric?  That is fucking ridiculous.

Then she said that if it was online, we could just order it directly.  Now tell me how that makes sense.  If it is online, doesn’t that mean that the chair IS IN STOCK?   Well it WAS online but instead of going ahead and ordering it for us, she told us to go home and do it.  Fuck you very much, BRU.  Anywho – here’s the chair we ordered:

(and no – we did not pay full price for it!  but let me just say that their “free shipping’ advertisement on their site is a big fucking fat lie.  It means you get $20 off of shipping & handling.  Seriously?!  Fuck you again, BRU)

The Price Jump

We also registered with Amazon because Amazon is awesome.  We didn’t get much from that registry mostly because it entails ordering things online and I think most people shy away from that. 

I am a part of Amazon Mom because you can get some great benefits (like free shipping on baby items!) depending on your activity.  But I also get e-mails about sales.  I received an e-mail about a sale on baby swings so I clicked the link and saw the swing that we registered for at BRU.

At BRU, the swing costs $159.99.  We noticed it on sale at Target for roughly $130.  But I figured we’d go back to BRU and purchase the swing witha 20% off coupon so it would end up being slightly cheaper.

But then I saw that same swing on Amazon for $103.95!!  What the fuck?!  It is one thing for BRU to upcharge by $20-30 but this is a near $60 difference.  AND I actually get free shipping with Amazon as opposed to a falsely advertised free shipping deal. 

So we bought it from Amazon and it’ll be here tomorrow.

Wow – this post was really long.  If you made it this far, thanks for reading!


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8 responses to “You Suck, Babies R Us

  1. mainlyclearskies

    As a non-mom, I hate BRU. Hate. I stopped buying items off registries, and just buy gift cards instead, to make the whole process less painful for me. and

  2. I loathe BRU, too. I’m jealous you have a Buy Buy Baby!

    Amazon Mom rocks! It should give you free two-day shipping on all the Prime-eligible products, btw!

  3. Quinn

    Where is the Buy Buy Baby? I transferred all of our BRU items to Target because of the horrible customer service. We went to get the crib at the one in Owings Mills and after 30 minutes, the ONLY sales girl to help me was paged to the front by an angry boss – “WHERE ARE YOU?” Umm, she’s helping a customer, what everyone else should be doing.

    THEN trying to get the damn thing was a debaucle. We were told we couldn’t use one of our coupons because it was ‘special order.’ Same as you! BS. Picking it up was equally as bad – as I waited outside in the cold for 40 minutes for someone to meet me, then was told it wouldn’t fit in my car. After 3 trips and borrowing my mother’s car, we finally got it home.

    We also bought our BOB stroller through Amazon. I Googled it, and it was $30 less the SALE price from BRU. Again, not cool BRU. Not cool.

  4. You might know this already but just in case – Buy Buy Baby is a sister company to Bed Bath and Beyond, and BBBaby accepts BB&B’s 20% off coupons.

  5. Meredith

    I’m not even a Mom but I hate BRU. What really set me over the edge was trying to buy you a gift card online from there for your shower and they were charging $1.99 for a gift card. I couldn’t buy it on principle alone hence the amazon card!

    My cousin’s son has that same swing…he is two weeks old today. Last week his 21 month old sister decided to give him a ‘push’. Thank goodness for those straps. Yeah she’s not liking this whole sibling thing too much!!

  6. Sarah

    I’m not a mom either but I’ve had to go to BRU (the one on Rte 40 in the Catonsville area) for registry gifts and the entire place fills me with rage. It’s the most disorganized store with the most unhelpful employees and it’s near impossible to find things from a registry list actually in the store and in-stock.

    I had no idea about Amazon…that sounds like a much better, lower-stress way to shop!

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  8. Jessica

    I just found your site after searching for if others were hating BRU as much as I am. You wrote EXACTLY the same thing we’re dealing with. Like- same chair you waited in same special color, same “20 buck free shipping” and same Amazon Mom rocks stuff. I think we’re just getting the glider from Walmart. They have free shipping to their stores and the price is the same as BRU and won’t take 2 decades to get here. Oh and I just got our car seat on amazon. Even NOT on sale (it was) it was 30 bucks cheaper than BRU. Lame.

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