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More Bad Customer Service

I don’t know if I’m just more “emotional” as I near the end of this pregnancy… but I feel like I’ve been dealt nothing but shitty customer service lately (most notably from BABIES R US).  This is a continuation of the great glider debacle

We ordered the chair assuming that the people delivering the chair would bring it into our house.  You know – since we’re ordering from a company that is supposed to cater to moms-to-be.  Is it crazy to assume that?

Tracking this damn chair was a nightmare.  We received a notice that the chair had shipped (through a shipping company called DB Schenker).  However, the only info they had posted on their site was “Received from Van Nuys, CA” and “Shipped from Van Nuys, CA”.  That was the status for about a week.

I was concerned about when they would deliver the glider.  Obviously a glider isn’t something they can leave at your front door not signed for so I e-mailed BRU to inquire about the process.  Would they ship to a local BRU who would then deliver it to us?  Would someone be contacting us about a delivery date?

BRU stated that they would make a first attempt at delivery and then if we weren’t home, they’d leave a note to set up a time.  Now tell me how that makes any sense.

So we contacted DB Schenker.  The rep said they had no record of ever RECEIVING the chair. 

So we called BRU and they said that DB Schenker is notorious for not having updated systems.

And blah blah blah, right?  This back and forth between the 2 companies was pissing me off.

The next day, we received a phone call that DB Schenker was going to deliver the chair and they wanted to set up a date.  I checked the online tracker and wouldn’t you know… it was completely updated.

We picked this afternoon (so I worked from home).

The guy came buy and said, “the box is really big.  I don’t know if you’ll be able to get it through the door.  So I’ll just leave it in front of your house.”

Um, what?  I asked, “aren’t you going to bring it into my house?”  And he told me that it was “curb-side” delivery ONLY and that he was not “allowed” in my house.  But the real topper was his next comment, “The box is pretty light.  I’m sure you can carry it in yourself.”

I am 8 months pregnant, mother fucker!  Are  you kidding me?

So I begged.  I said, “listen – I’m stuck.  If I open the box, could you at least get it through my front door?  You don’t have to do anything else.  I just can’t leave it out here and my husband won’t be home for a few hours.” 

We opened the box and he assessed that the chair would fit through the door but reiterated that he really wasn’t allowed to come into my house.  He also noted that the chair was very light in color and his hands were filthy.  Basically – he didn’t want to be held responsible for any damages to the chair and I can respect that.  BUT WHAT COMPANY DOES NOT DELIVERY FURNITURE INTO SOMEONE’S HOME?  ESPECIALLY A COMPANY THAT IS SUPPOSED TO CATER TO PREGNANT WOMEN AND MOTHERS?!

Luckily my neighbor was home and I asked if he would mind just getting it through my front door.  Here is an instance where I don’t loathe my neighbor.  This guy is actually pretty nice (he’s new).  So here it is… in my living room:

Have I mentioned that I hate Babies R Us?



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