It Has Been Confirmed – My Mother Does Not Have ESP

Ever since our 20 week sonogram where we were told (via a written note with no picture) that we’re having a girl – my mother has planted the seed of doubt into my head.  She was CONVINCED that we were having a boy.

What convinced her?  She dreamed it.  And she felt her dream was incredibly realistic.  She had me questioning the sonogram technician and since I had no “proof” to back up the girly bits assessment, I had spent a good chunk of time being unsure.

Well today we had our 36 week sonogram (to measure growth) and it was confirmed that baby IS DEFINITELY a baby girl.  And she showed me her girly bits (although I really can’t tell what a lot of things are in a sonogram).

I was really stoked about this sonogram because
(1) I’d get confirmation of bambino’s sex… and this would confirm if I could continue washing some of the girly baby clothing I have.
(2) I’d get to see bambino again!  I hadn’t seen her since September.
(3) I’d find out her “estimated” weight.
(4) I’d get to see how bambino was positioned (so that I could stop guessing as to what was where in my belly.
(5) I’d finally get a better picture of bambino’s face. 

Well –  4 out of 5 isn’t bad, right? 

(1) Baby is definitely a girl.
(2) Baby was moving lots.
(3) Baby is estimated at 6 lbs 10 oz.  And if she continues at the estimated growth rate of a 1/2 lb a week – I’ll be birthing a nearly 9 lb baby.  Lord help me.
(4) Baby is in the “ideal” birth position.  She is head down and she’s facing my rear.  Let’s hope she stays that way.
(5) Cue sad trombone.

See – a lot of my friends have shown me their super awesome 3-D 36 week sonograms where you get a pretty clear image of the baby’s face.  One of my friends (she’s due 3 weeks ahead of me!) showed me her pic and the baby looks just like her!

I was really looking forward to getting a peak at bambino’s face but she just wasn’t cooperating.  Her being in the ideal birthing position meant that her face was facing my tush.  So while I’m happy that I don’t have to worry about turning her (unless of course she decided to face the other direction) – I was bummed that this was as close as I was going to get to seeing her face… a sad little Alfred Hitchcock type profile pic (she’s still facing slightly towards my bum and her hands are near her face):

Will she look like me?  Will she look more like Jeremy?  Will she be the perfect amalgamation of us?  Who knows!  We’ll find out in a few weeks…



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3 responses to “It Has Been Confirmed – My Mother Does Not Have ESP

  1. Here’s hoping women on Jeremy’s side have big boobs!

  2. First of all, she will be ADORABLE! Second, she’s looking at your butt! She’s looking at your butt!

    Just thought I’d inject some immaturity there.

  3. Dude. You are having a BABY in a few weeks!

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