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Parents Really Get Crazy About Parenting Techniques

I came across this article today through a blog post on Baby Center.

Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

Obviously the title of the post was intriguing but what really piqued my interest was the outraged comments left by parents on the Baby Center blog post.  I still haven’t brought myself to read the comments left on the original article.

People view the mom as mean and ruining her children.  I read the article like, “oh yeah – I knew a lot of parents like this” and I didn’t even flinch.

My mom wasn’t as strict as the author (or even close to be honest) – but she did expect certain things for me.  I was told I needed to learn the piano and so I did.  She never signed me up for sports despite me begging to play.  I was always told that I was going to college.  I was told I was going to graduate school. 

Shit – I was even told I was fat.  My mom wasn’t as obsessed with good grades as she was with my appearance.  I think a part of her is still this way but I think that has more to do with her mentality that Jeremy should be the one taking care of me.  When I was independent, she stressed the need for me to get far in my education.  Now that I’m married?  Apparently I just need to stop being such a bitch to Jeremy (I’m not, for the record).

With Jeremy in law school, you’d think he was HER child.  She has been repeating this mantra to me & Jeremy for the last few months, “If you quit school – I will never talk to you again.”  (ppssst – mom, if you want to motivate Jeremy to finish school, you should actually threaten him with something terrible like how you’ll bother him EVERYDAY if he quits).

I had written a ton more about my thoughts on the topic but then I was boring MYSELF with my own rambling.

Let’s just say – I think parenting is all a matter of perspective.  Having an asian background and being exposed to lots of asian kids growing up, I didn’t find anything outrageous in the article.  But I do enjoy seeing parents flip out about different parenting techniques and how they all assume that if you’re strict, your kids will grow to hate you.

Again – it is all a matter of perspective and I think it just means I need to start buying some battle gear for when I get judged or yelled at for parenting a specific way.

P.S. Baby girl is TOTALLY playing the piano. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it!



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