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My Belly Growth

While I’ve been tracking my maternity fashion on this blog, I’ve also been tracking my actual belly growth for a super dorky book I bought at the beginning of this pregnancy:

I’m not the type to “scrapbook” (I still haven’t finished my stupid wedding scrapbook.  Wait – I meant stupid scrapbook of my wedding… my wedding wasn’t stupid…

But I couldn’t resist this book.  While I don’t understand how women know they’re pregnant from weeks 1-8 (they have pages for your belly shots), I do like being able to track my belly.  So anyways, this is a reflection on my belly growth since it has now reached a point where I feel like it gets in the way.  Actually – it has been getting in the way for awhile now…

Week 8:

Week 23 (a little more than halfway):

And this week (week 36):

I still haven’t gotten any stretch marks so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things stay that way.  But it is crazy to see me with a flat stomach.  I almost don’t remember what my body was like prior to this pregnancy!  I think it’ll be nice to be able to bend down though… I kind of miss that.



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