My Many Unflattering Faces

One of the powers of having your own blog is that you can pick and choose whatever pictures you want to display of yourself.  And since it is YOUR blog, the blog tends to have photos of YOU.

So far – I’ve been posting nothing but the cutesy photos of me in my maternity wear.  Sometimes I’ll take multiple photos before I’m satisfied that I don’t have a double chin in the picture.

However, I will share with you some of my bizarre expressions and unflattering photos.  These were taken at the surprise baby shower that was put together for me by my office teammates.  I was truly touched and flattered that they did something so nice (and a few of my old co-workers that I still keep in touch with drove over from ther other office building). 

These photos are courtesy of a friend (who doesn’t blog so I can’t link to him)… let’s begin the show:

Walking in on my surprise… I thought we were having a team meeting on resource planning (hence the notebook I’m carrying):

Not too terrible.  Let’s keep going…

This is me realizing how much of an ass I feel like having this type of attention.  What you can’t see (and thank god I was wearing black) was that I started sweating… profusely… from embarrassment.

I don’t even know what I’m saying in this picture but I’m sure I’m rambling like a complete idiot.

I think I’m saying, “okay – that’s enough with the pictures!”  While I’m not shy in public – I hate having people watch me open presents.  It just feels so awkward. 

I look like I’m passing gas in this picture.  “Hey – look at this neat toy while I fart…”

Aren’t those little baby booties adorable?!  And isn’t my facial expression horrific? 

Adorable outfits!  Not sure what my face is expressing though.

And this last photo… oy, this last photo.  I’m slouching in the chair (you can’t really tell) so it is making my belly sit at a strange angle.  And this angle?  It makes it look as though I’m carrying twins!  Holy crap. 

What I love about digital photography is that you can always delete the unflattering photos… unless someone else is taking them of you and they upload them for you to view in horror later.  🙂



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2 responses to “My Many Unflattering Faces

  1. In the last one your look like you’re smuggling a basketball 😉 I also hate photos of myself…. I think of the 22,000 photos I have (yes, I have that many), only like 100 are of me.

  2. Even when you’re making funny faces, you’re adorable. I love that you’re willing to share the less flattering photos.

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