The Nursery Reveal

After a couple of months of agonizing over design – we are 99% complete with the nursery!  I say 99% complete because that’s how Jeremy and I always feel after a “project”.  We’re never 100% satisfied.  But the nursery is organized, cleaned, and ready for a human being to occupy it.

Jeremy took like 100 pictures of the nursery at all kinds of wacky angles so bear with me, please.
baby 028

Emily scoped things out:
Dog's Point of View

A quick description… we went with blue because I like the color blue. We chose this color even after finding out we were having a girl because who says girls can’t have blue bedrooms? Seriously. When we looked at paint swatches, we definitely thought we had selected a nice adult blue… but then it went up on the walls and it totally screamed nursery. And I’m okay with that.

The “theme” of the room really started around a bedding pattern that I loved of owls. But then it just got out of control. It isn’t really owl-centric but there are a few owls here and there (in the art work, some stuffed animals, a ceramic owl bank and the bedding).

Owl Love You Forever
I saw that print on the Bower Power blog in their nursery reveal and e-mailed Katie to see if she’d mind sharing the print. She was SO nice and sent me the file so that I could print one for myself. I love it.

So we were doing okay with the owls but then we saw this wall decal and LOVED it:
Attack of the Birds
baby 058

It started with just the birds on the tree branch but then I felt the rest of the wall looked naked. And I refused to hang any artwork above the crib because I had this fear that it would fall and hit my baby on the head. While we don’t have problems with earthquakes and such… you just never know! So we found the flying birds from another Etsy seller since the shape was similar (although the color isn’t a perfect match).

So the theme went from owls to owls & birds… or as I like to say, “winged animals”.

Most of the room consists of ideas we borrowed from nurseries we’ve seen on tv and online. The color scheme? Totally saw that online. How can you NOT like the blue with the bright green accents?

Jeremy had been wanting to do this book shelf thing ever since seeing it on an episode of Dear Genevieve on HGTV:
Book Shelves

We lucked out in that my dear friend and hostess of my baby shower had requested that everyone bring me a book (instead of a card)! We have plenty of other books on the book shelf but I just love how the books look like art on the wall.

And speaking of art…
baby 043

We went a little overboard with framed stuff. I had a ton of frames from the guest room that I wanted to reuse. In fact, nearly every frame on that wall was a frame we already owned but just spraypainted white. The prints are a mix of items we found on Etsy (the alphabet print and the 2 dachshund paintings), artwork we had in our bedroom from Urban Outfitters (all the bird canvases), or images I found through Google.

I made the cork hearts based on a photo I saw from my cousin’s super awesome Napa Valley wedding that I couldn’t go to because I was pregnant.
Cork Hearts

It took us FOREVER to hang all of the pieces up (and we’re still leaving room to grow) because we wanted it to look random but were overthinking it. Well – we had a maternity photo session scheduled over the weekend and it gave us the motivation we needed to just throw the pics on the wall (we put them up the night before the shoot).

I also got several ideas from Young House Love‘s nursery such as using a curtain instead of a closet door. The closet door closed off that corner of the room and removing it gave us some extra real estate for another sitting chair (for when I want someone to hang out in the room with me while I try breastfeeding).
baby 075
It is also a place for some stuffed animals that we keep trying to keep away from our dogs.

We also picked up these 2 galvanized trash cans:
Trash Cans

We’re still in the mindset that we’re going to cloth diaper so one of the trashcans would hold dirty cloth diapers and the other would be for actual trash (like dirty baby wipes).

And just because…
baby 084

Petie also wanted to know why Jeremy was spending so much time taking pictures of the nursery.

Both of our dogs definitely know that something big is about to happen. They’ve started acting a bit nuttier and needier so we’re hoping that the transition to a new addition goes smoothly.

So there you have it. You can view all of the pictures (from every angle imaginable) here.

Oh and I should mention (or at least Jeremy really wants me to mention) that the crown moulding and the chair rail were all done by him and him alone. Pretty impressive considering how crooked our walls are (one of them even bows out some).

And let me do a quick breakdown of where we got most of the items:

Crib: Amazon! Babyletto Modo 3 in 1 Crib

Dresser / Changing Table: Ikea. Hemnes 3-drawer Dresser

Curtains: Ikea (only $10 for 2 panels AND they come with hem tape!) Wilma

Bookshelf: Ikea. This was actually in our basement for awhile (to store Jeremy’s law school books) but we had already run out of room. I was glad we were able to reuse it in this space.

Glider chair: Babies R Us. If you recall – this is the same chair that the delivery guy thought I could carry all by myself. WTF?!

Rug (under dresser): Ikea. Losy Blom After taking the Infant Care class and learning that babies can have explosive poop, we figured we should try to protect our light colored rugs with an area rug.

Hmm… anything else you want to know about? I’m happy to share where I got everything! Or I can share more detailed pictures if you’d like (I just have to snap the photo first).



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11 responses to “The Nursery Reveal

  1. ji

    Ahh! The cork heart frame turned out so nice!! 😀
    So, when we’re ready to have kids (which will be in about 2 years), will you come by and decorate/prepare our nursery for us? We’ll pay you in wine~

  2. KIM! This room is PERFECT! I love it so much!

  3. Sarah

    Kim, it looks amazing! SO cute, and I love the blue/bright green color scheme. Jeremy did a great job on the molding and chair rail!

  4. I love the blue/green combo. My neice’s room is a bright cornflower blue so blue doesn’t mean boy!

  5. Quinn

    SO cute! She is going to love it. I was wondering if you’d gotten inspiration from Young House Love – the curtain and the wall art prints are definitely reminiscent of their look. NICE work!

  6. Mary

    So, so adorable! You guys did an amazing job!

  7. I really really love it. And there are a few ideas I want to steal someday.

  8. I love it! It makes me feel happy.

    Where did you get those tubs? I love them.

  9. Super. Duper. Crazy. Cute.

    I think it’s missing something, though. A baby, maybe. Yeah, that would look super cute, a baby.

    I can’t wait to meet the Bambina!

  10. Awesome job. Definitely feels feminine, but not princessy. Love that. Love the book wall, the cork heart, and those awesome crown moldings! 😉

  11. What a cute nursery! I can’t wait to see pictures of baby 🙂

    Also, we love cloth diapering – go greenies! 🙂 (And it saves a ton of cash.)

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