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The Waiting Game

Have I mentioned that I hate this waiting game?  Oh, I have?  Like a hundred times already? 

I’m in this constant state of panic… and I hate that.  I’m a planner.  I keep a calendar of events and activities (mostly because I’m forgetful but I also just love listing things).  I used to keep a daily calendar and carry it with me but that became a pain (although I still adore little calendars) so now I use Google Calendar and just check my phone.  All the time.

Anywho – because I’m so close to the end of this pregnancy, I feel like I can’t make or commit to any plans going forward.  When will baby girl get here?  A lot of things have come up lately and I have had to RSVP as “maybe” and it makes me feel bad.  I always hate that “maybe” person.  I just assumed they were waiting for better options.  Me?  I really have an excuse!

Last night during the terrible sleet/snow/rain storm, our power went out.  And I freaked!  I worried that I would go into labor and we wouldn’t be able to find shit in our house and our poor dogs would freeze to death while we were gone.  We’d be stuck in the obscene traffic (seriously – people were ABANDONING THEIR CARS on the highways last night because it was out of control) and I’d give birth in the backseat of Jeremy’s car.  I even had a nightmare about it last night.

And now they’re calling for more snow and I’m just so worried about going into labor.  For anyone that lives in the city – it is difficult to maneuver around the side streets when it snows because they are hardly plowed, people play “parking wars” so you never want to lose your spot and quite frankly, Maryland drivers are amongst some of the worst drivers ON THE PLANET.

I think with everyone at work commenting that they “can’t believe” I’m still coming to the office, I am convinced that I’m way overdue (despite having a due date of February 7th).

So please humor me, blogosphere.  To entertain me and get my mind off of things, I created a baby pool page.  Enter your guesses!  Maybe I’ll offer up some sort of price to the person that comes closest but I’m trying to think of what I’d offer… I’ll figure something out. 




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