Birth: The Aftermath Part 2

While baby girl is napping, I’m sneaking onto the computer to quickly blog the rest of my aftermath story.  A lot of your comments to the birth story and aftermath made me laugh out loud (so thanks for that – and thanks for still reading despite my long lulls in posting) and some of you have indicated that I may have scared the crap out of you.  Don’t be scared.  Seriously.  It really isn’t as bad as it sounds and quite frankly – I can see why women have multiple kids. 

So to continue my story.  Did I ever manage to pee?  Like I said – it was incredibly stressful to have a timestamp on when I needed to pee.  I could feel that I had to pee and always could (I never suffered from being “too numb” or anything as some people have told me).  But I just could NOT relax.  Everytime I sat on the toilet and tried to relax, I would feel my stitches tug and would then freak out.

So for this second round of “you need to pee on your own” – I had a new nurse help me.  She was equally as awesome as the first nurse and suggested/tried the same tricks.  But she had an additional trick up her sleeve.  She told me to bring my cup of water with a straw into the bathroom.  I thought, “Why would I possibly want to drink MORE when you guys said that the original problem was that my bladder was TOO full?!”

But instead of having me drink from the straw, she told me to blow bubbles.  It sounded ridiculous but as I blew into the straw, I could feel my body sort of relax and semi-push down south.  It didn’t work at first but after about an hour, I peed on my own!  The nurse happened to come back to check on me as I just finished peeing.  And the reason I love the staff so much at GBMC?  She high-fived me and did a happy pee dance.  I was finally free of the catheter!

During this time – Jeremy was starting to feel more and more under the weather (and not because he had been overexposed to blood and other things he’d never experienced with me before).  While the hospital is quite accommodating to moms, they’re not so accommodating to dads.  His “bed” was actually the hard-plastic cushioned bench next to the bed.  It wasn’t exactly comfortable and he was on wife duty AND baby duty (since I couldn’t really get up on my own).  All this took quite a toll on him.  So when I spent hours in the bathroom trying to urinate – I would always come out to this:

And because Jeremy had been such a great support to me while I was in the hospital, I would often just let him sleep in my hospital bed and I’d sit on the uncomfortable bench and watch TV.  And on more than one occassion a nurse would come into the room and see the setup.  I’m sure they thought he was an asshole.  But I knew he deserved some good rest (and I couldn’t resist taking photos because it was ridiculously cute).

During my stay in postpartum, I was giving doses of extra-strength Motrin (and at one point I thought that I didn’t really need it… but paid for it later.  My advice?  ALWAYS TAKE THE MOTRIN!) and stool softeners.  So that leads me to my next TMI bit.  Pooping.

Now – I am a VERY regular person.  I hadn’t pooped since I delivered baby girl (haha – I’m still laughing about that) and it had been 2 days.  I could feel it in my tummy that I had to go but was TERRIFIED.  However, the discomfort was getting to me and I thought I had to just try.  Well – it wasn’t that bad.  I think the worst part was my anxiety over what I thought would be one of the most painful experiences of my life but it wasn’t.  God bless stool softener.  I’ve had a few friends tell me that they didn’t poop for days and even weeks after returning home.  My advice?  Don’t let it get that far!  The longer you wait – the harder your poop gets.  Drink plenty of fluids and try to go as soon as possible!

So there you have it.  Since I delivered vaginally, my insurance only covered me staying at the hospital for 2 nights.  So we checked in early morning Saturday (2am) and left the hospital Monday evening.  The hospital provided a bag with all of my healing essentials and we cleaned out the baby supplies as well.  Shit – I paid for it (or at least my health insurance did).  And a lot of my friends had said that they wished they could stay at the hospital longer – but I was RELIEVED to finally leave.  I just wanted to be at home in my own shower, eat my own food (I wasn’t a big fan of the food) and sleep in my own bed. 

At home, the healing wasn’t bad either.  I had to use the sitz bath 3 times a day for 2 weeks (although I’m still using it once a day now because I quite enjoy it).  I no longer wear a monster maxi pad and I feel somewhat normal again.  And this is all before 3 weeks post-delivery. 

I think I can attribute my quick bounceback to staying active throughout my pregnancy.  So that’s what I recommend to you all.  And drink lots of fluids.

I really glossed over a lot of the aftermath mostly because it wasn’t terribly exciting.  So do you have any questions?  Clearly I’m an open book so feel free to ask the super gross questions if you have any.

Oh and now for the name!  Although if you’ve clicked any of my photo files, you’ve probably already figured out baby girl’s name.  We didn’t name her for nearly 36 hours.  We had 2 names we were stuck between and thought that we’d know immediately what to name baby girl once we saw her.  That was SO not the case.  But I started to feel awkward everytime a nurse came into the postpartum room and asked what her name was.  I decided that we HAD to have a name by her last night in the hospital.  So… we decided on Annmarie.  I loved that this name incorporated names from both our families (Ann and Marie), it is feminine and it isn’t overly trendy.   My mom, however, cannot seem to retain 3 syllable names so she calls her Annie and I find that equally as awesome.

I’ll chat about my adventures in breastfeeding next.



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9 responses to “Birth: The Aftermath Part 2

  1. Those pictures of Jeremy hold baby girl are so precious (espeically the one with both of their arms above their head)

  2. Annmarie! So sweet!

    Also, you are wife extraordinaire! There is no freakin’ way I was going to let Drew sleep in my comfy bed while I sat on my ice packs (which WERE so amazing!) on his crap bed. Way to be selfless!

    I loved reading these posts, BTW. Go moms!

  3. Those pictures are SO FREAKIN’ CUTE!

    And I love, love, love her name!

  4. Kim, thank you sharing. I have enjoyed all these posts SO much! You’re making me laugh!

  5. These posts are the stories that I want to hear from birth. The yucky truth. My sister was pretty honest with me after the birth of her first but I think since I was a bit away from having a baby, she left out the big details. I plan on asking her for better details soon though since she said that there were certain things that took 6 months to get back to normal. I just need to know now what those “things” were.

    Seriously though, thanks for the honesty of the posts. Plus the sweet diaper picture is just precious!

  6. Sarah

    I love her name! Welcome, Annmarie! Thanks for these posts- they are hilarious.

  7. Yay! Love it. Love it all. Love the post, love the honest, love the name. Any chance we can know the other name you considered?

  8. Annemarie

    That’s a really awesome name!!!! I really appreciate, as my husband and I are getting ready for kids, that you’ve been so honest about the nitty gritty. Congratulations!!!!

  9. Those pictures = adorbs.

    Also, the mental image of you, sitting on the can and blowing bubbles in a cup is hilarious.

    Welcome, little Annmarie!

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