I Think I Might Be Getting Dumber

Someone asked me today if I was feeling the impacts of limited adult interaction… and I think I spewed off a non-stop ramble of everything from Billy Joel songs to trips to Michael’s craft superstore.

Am I feeling the impacts?  Yes and so is Jeremy (and anyone else that I chat with).

I can’t seem to organize any of my thoughts anymore.  I jump rapidly from topic to topic as though the conversation I’m having with someone will be my last (so I try to squeeze everything I can into 10 minutes).

I’m also forgetting things.  The other day I went shopping with a friend and when I went to checkout – I realized I left my wallet in the car!  It was so embarrassing but thankfully my friend spotted me the money.

I’ll forget why I walked into a room or I’ll forget to take something that I need with me when I leave the house.

I forget dates and appointments (thank goodness for Google calendar and notifications).

I’ve also forgotten the words to songs that I used to know.  When I sing to Annmarie – I’ll realize a few sentences into a song that I have no idea what comes next.  I’ve been substituting lyrics about the house, the dogs, food or how I have no idea what I’m talking about into songs. 

And speaking of words – I seem to be forgetting my words as well.  Yesterday I told Jeremy that I planned to run the PARAMETER of the park.  When he questioned me, I responded as though HE was the idiot and said, “I’m running the circumference, geez…” to which he replied, “You mean the PERIMETER of the park?”  Ouch. 

I can no longer carry lengthy conversations with people unless it is about poop, sleep or what’s on TV.  Even worse is the fact that while I’m rotting my brain with excessive television – I’m not watching anything related to current world events.  Who knew we intervened with Libya?  Jeremy told me (and he chatted about it as though I already knew about it).  What?  My “news” now consists of E! News, The View (I can’t believe I’m admitting that), and The Talk (that’s even worse than The View).  I watch some of the Today show in the morning but usually only manage to catch the non-newsy stuff (like Chris Brown being an idiot and the adorable baby who was frightened and then delighted by his mom’s nose blowing).

While I love adult interaction – I’m kind of dreading going back to work.  I’m more than halfway through my maternity leave and can’t imagine going back.  But I’m also afraid what not working (when all of my friends work full-time) will do to my social skills.

So – school me on some current events, people!  What am I missing?



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3 responses to “I Think I Might Be Getting Dumber

  1. I totally enjoyed our 1-sided conversation about Billy Joel songs, Michael’s, poop, and TV shows! 🙂

  2. Fluctuating hormones can contribute to all the mushy brain activities. It’ll go back to normal eventually.

    Though I haven’t had a baby, I do have a hormonal imbalance which caused a lot of the things you describe. Forgetfulness, inability to concentrate, inability to carry on a normal conversation, having a conversation without forgetting half-way through what my point was, etc. Once I started a hormone therapy treatment, I was amazed at how everything got a better.

    I would almost venture to say that your hormones are still fluctuating and could be the reason for your to experience these things. It’s just a theory though.

  3. Shit, I do that now, and I don’t have the excuse! I kid you not, at least once a day I walk back into my office and find myself saying out loud, “Okay…what did I come in here for?” (A co-worker once responded from the next room, “To take a dump?” like it was a real possibility. My friends are awesome.)

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