Fitness Friday (update on losing the baby bulge)

Today was the first day in a few weeks that I attempted to put on a pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans (skinny jeans, in fact).  And I did a little happy jig in my bedroom when they zipped up and I didn’t have an obscene muffin top.  Dare I say that I am back in my pre-pregnancy pants again?  I’m not sure I’m ready to give up my mom uniform leggings (they are so comfortable) – but I like that I now have options.

I’ve managed to squeeze in 3 runs this past week and that will be my goal going forward.  Past running injuries have taught me that I shouldn’t push myself too much too soon.  On Sunday, my first run in 8 weeks, I managed to run one of my old running routes (along the Inner Harbor in Baltimore) for 2.75 (very slow) miles in 30 minutes.  Tuesday, I ran an old hilly running route (around Patterson Park) for 3 (still slow but faster than Sunday) miles in 32:23 minutes. 

Then the weather turned to crap and I was forced indoors on Thursday.  I ran a 5k on a slight incline on a treadmill in 33:10 minutes.  I think I’ll do okay for that 6k in a couple of weeks.  Do I wish I could run a little faster?  Sure – but considering how long its been since I’ve run, I’m pretty happy with my pace.

I forgot how much I love and hate running.  I hate the moments before a run because getting motivated is difficult for me.  I hate the nausea that hits me from being out of the running game.  I hate the twinge of familiar pains that creep up on me sometimes (like my lower back and my knees).

But I love the feeling of covering distances (especially when that distance increases with each run).  I love having that alone time.  I love breathing in the outdoor air and the burn in my legs. 

While I’m sure it may seem kind of selfish that I’m taking this time to workout – I’m not apologizing for it.  I make time for these workouts and that usually means that instead of taking a nap, I’m working out.  Instead of “sleeping in”, I get up extra early.  And I do this without sacrificing any time with Annmarie.  My early morning workouts are usually done while Annmarie is still sleeping.  One of my evening runs was done while Jeremy walked Annie and the dogs around the park (and I met up with them when I was done).  My treadmill run was done while Annie got some quality time with my mom. 

I enjoy working out and I think that working out makes me a better mom to my baby.  It makes me feel grounded and sane.  I can’t wait for the weather to get nicer and for Annmarie to be big enough to sit in the jogging stroller so that I can take her on my runs.

My weight is fluctuating by 1-2 lbs each day but I like to think that the milk my body is producing accounts for like 10 lbs.  That seems reasonable, right?  🙂



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3 responses to “Fitness Friday (update on losing the baby bulge)

  1. That’s awesome! And who are you apologizing to?! I would totally make the time too if I could!

  2. Hey, if it’s what’s keeping you sane, for the love of god, run your ass off. Or belly, whichever applies.

    I never thought I’d hear myself saying this, but I’ve really come to love running. The thinking time, the way your blood rushes and you feel so fucking alive! The sense of victory when you’re done. Sure, it’s super hard to make myself do it when it’s early and balls cold. But it’s so totally worth it to feel like you’re really attacking your day. (Plus? Totally feel like a badass.)

  3. That’s not selfish. It’s taking care of yourself so you are a good, healthy mom and wife…and setting a good example for your daughter in the future.

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