Feeling Like a Hoarder (How Baby Stuff Has Taken Over My House)

When I used to watch shows on HGTV where families would get rooms that had been cluttered with kid stuff made over, I would scoff at how ridiculous they were. How could they allow so much junk to accumulate? And how could they just leave it lying around like that?

I’m now eating my words. Annmarie is only (almost!) 2 months old, and I feel like our house has been overrun with baby stuff.

She’s been more awake and alert this last week. During these alert times, I read that I’m supposed to engage her in conversation, play, music, etc. I had to laugh when I took a look at my living room and saw this:

A photo of my living room filled with baby junk

What is NOT pictured is the super deluxe pack-n-play (it has a changing table and bassinet) and the car seat positioned appropriately in front of my wine cabinet.

I still don’t know quite how to “play” with an infant. I usually just chat about random stuff. But I have found that she seems to like jamming to some tunes. I don’t really know any children’s songs so I’ve taken to my iPod. Each day, I’ve noticed that I focus on one artist (whoever’s song happens to be in my head that day). The other day it was Billy Joel. Another day it was The Beatles. Yesterday it was The Carpenters.

a photo of my iPod

I had “Close to You” stuck in my head but noticed that I didn’t actually have The Carpenters’ version of it. But I DID have The Cranberries’ version of it (from the fantastic “If I Were a Carpenter” album).

This is my life now. And while the stuff is driving me kind of crazy – a part of me doesn’t want Annmarie to get any bigger. She’s recently outgrown all of her newborn clothing (my mom reprimanded me yesterday for “squeezing” her into newborn stuff) and I got a little sad about it. I am now THAT mom (actually – I realized that I am like MY mom…).

I’m also finding that I miss being pregnant. How crazy is that? I should just go back and read through all my recaps of the aches and pains. People weren’t kidding when they said you tend to forget the bad stuff that comes with pregnancy and delivery (and aftermath!). I watched a blogger’s video recap on her birth and actually cried. Someone needs to punch me in the face! I don’t want to be emotional, weepy mom. I want to be laid-back, bad-ass, listens to awesome NON-kid music mom.



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4 responses to “Feeling Like a Hoarder (How Baby Stuff Has Taken Over My House)

  1. Jeremy

    You forgot to mention that while the house looks like that during the day we at least straighten up at night.

  2. http://www.amazon.com/Lullaby-Renditions-of-Metallica/dp/B000QZT2HG

    You’re welcome.

    (And if Metallica isn’t you’re thing, check out the suggestions at the bottom. The Zeppelin album is ALMOST enough to make me want to give birth. But not really.)

  3. Stacy

    Hahaha, sure Jeremy – that’s what they all say!!

  4. I wish my house looked that clean. Wait until you have 3 kids. And one of them is a boy. Good grief.

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