I May Be Biased (but my baby is pretty damn cute)

Finally – a mostly picture post!  I’m sure you’re all tired of reading my dribble. 

If you recall, we had the wonderful opportunity to have maternity photos taken with the awesomely talented Maria Vicencio.  Well – we couldn’t NOT have them also take our first official family photos.  I don’t know if I’ve said it enough – HIRE THEM. 

She sent us the photos over the weekend and I am over the moon.  I’m sure every parent says their child is the cutest, but I think these photos PROVE that my baby is the cutest little girl on the planet!  🙂  (and I’m sure I’m not biased at all… hahaha)

There are more that I absolutely love but I didn’t want to post all 80+ pictures.  And now I can say I finally have some pictures of ME and the baby!  This seems to be a trend amongst moms.  We tend to be the ones with the camera so there are always a ton of pictures of dads and babies… but not so much with mom.



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6 responses to “I May Be Biased (but my baby is pretty damn cute)

  1. She is pretty darn precious! Great pictures!

  2. Beyond beautiful. That last one looks like it should be a full-page photo in a coffee table book.

    I think I figured out what makes Annmarie so fucking adorable. It’s the animation and spark in her face, especially her eyes. Usually at this point babies are still in the blobular stage, but Annmarie speaks through her eyes.

  3. You are biased, but you’re not wrong. She is truly SO cute. That one, the fifth one down, I just want to steal her and make her mine!

  4. Meredith

    I absolutely love those two close ups with her hair stranding on end and her sweet expression. She is adorable.

  5. Stacy

    O.M.G. I totally want to take that fifth one and put it on my desk! She is so freakin’ cute!

    Maria, as always, did an amazing job!!!


  6. Pregnancy and balance; the saga of a runner getting large...

    Yep – she is pretty darned cute! No bias there. You have an amazing photographer! And things like this do get me excited to be a mother! Right now I am having a bit of trouble imagining that sort of bond with this unknown inside of me. And since I am 12 weeks, there isn’t much to see or feel to make it more real! Thank you for sharing the photos and your joy!

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