The Dish on Diapers (I feel like a hippy)

Even before I got pregnant, I always though I’d try cloth diapering.  I suffer from eco-guilt.  While I’m not hyper vigilant about being green – I try to incorporate as much eco-friendly behavior that I can into my life.  I’m crazy about recycling (just ask Jeremy – I have pulled stuff out of our trash can to be recycled… I’ve also held onto bottles/cans at friends and families’ homes if I know they aren’t recycling).  We installed a special flusher on our toilet to reduce water waste.  I use reusable bags at stores and a reusable water bottle (and since I’m breastfeeding now, the water bottle is like my new accessory that I never leave home without).  I unplug as many things as I can around the house that aren’t in use.  We buy organic.  We shop the farmer’s market when it is in season (we support CSA!).  Geez – we even buy overpriced “biodegradable” trash bags.  See, I try to buy as many “eco-friendly” items as I can.  Blah blah blah blah blah.

When I was pregnant, I had quite a few people say to me, “You aren’t going to cloth diaper, are you?” as they rolled their eyes.  I also got a lot of scoffs and “good luck with that!” comments when I said I’d give it a try.  In the words of Cee-lo, fuck you.

I’m not full-on cloth diapering just yet.  We wanted to get our feet wet with the actual diapering process first (plus we received a few packages of diapers that I wanted to get through).  Once we had established a routine, I dipped my toe in the cloth diapering pool and tried gDiapers.  They sell them at Babies R Us and we added some to our registry.  These are hybrid cloth diapers in that you have a separate insert that is either disposable or washable with an outer diaper shell.

Since we were just testing things out, we used the disposable (but totally biodegradable) inserts.  The first day was kind of awful.  But I pushed through and realized it wasn’t that difficult.  However, gDiapers aren’t actually that great.  I had issues with them leaking a lot and the disposable inserts are crazy expensive.  Quite a few moms I’ve seen on Twitter, blogs, etc. are cloth diaperers and a few encouraged me to just go balls to the wall and full-on cloth diaper.

So – I decided that we would just go for it.  I asked around online for suggestions on the best cloth diapers and most people suggested BumGenius.  There is a great cloth diapering (and other baby related things) store in Baltimore called Soft and Cozy Baby.  I decided that I’d check out the store and actually talk to someone about the different options and to see what diapers would work best with our lifestyle.

I can’t gush enough about the great experience at the store.  I’ve become a little jaded with Babies R Us (seriously – do these people even like babies?!) and with how overpriced all things baby related are so I didn’t have high expectations with Soft and Cozy.  In fact, I antipicated a hipster mom that would speak to me condescendingly once she eyed my Coach diaper bag.  But that wasn’t the case at all.  The woman was fantastic.  She asked us a few questions and then walked us through the different options while outlining the pros and cons of each.

We, not surprisingly, determined that a hybrid cloth diaper was our best bet.  She agreed that gDiapers aren’t fantastic and pointed us to GroVia diapers.  Not only are they hybrid diapers, they are one size… meaning that they grow with your baby thanks to some well placed snaps.  Their disposable inserts option is also less pricey than the gDiaper inserts (although she said that if we were going to just use the disposable inserts, we were better off just buying “eco-friendly” disposables like Earth’s Best… and we were actually already using those!).

Anywho – we ended up purchasing 4 shells, 8 washable inserts, a package of disposable inserts (50 inserts), a wet diaper bag and a snot sucker.  The grand total?  $160.  Not too shabby.  And if you think about it – these are diapers that we’d essentially (and ideally) be using for the rest of Annmarie’s pooping/peeing herself life and could even use again if we had another baby.

Do you see that owl print diaper shell?  So cute. 

I used these yesterday for the first time and it wasn’t difficult.  They didn’t leak and it wasn’t that much of a pain in the ass.  I will say that you should probably enjoy doing laundry (and sadly, I really do) because you’d probably be washing the inserts at least once a day (unless you had more inserts).  Oh and I realize that I’m trading off water for trash… but since disposable diapers don’t actually biodegrade for like 500+ years, I think I’ll just use a little more water.

I didn’t snap a photo of Annmarie in her new GroVia diaper, but here’s a cute shot of her in a gDiaper:

(Photo courtesy of Maria Vicencio)

Someone pointed out that I had been putting the gDiapers on backwards (the g should be in the back).  Hahaha!  Whoops!  I guess the picture would have been even cuter if her name started with a G.

So – there you have it.  Fuck you to the people that thought I’d crumble at the task of using cloth diapers.  It isn’t that difficult at all.  Sure it is a little more work than disposables but it isn’t that bad.  And it keeps my eco-guilt at bay.

Do you cloth diaper?



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8 responses to “The Dish on Diapers (I feel like a hippy)

  1. Meredith

    Okay I do realize this may sound like a totally ridiculous question but keep in mind I do not have children and my exposure to the ones in diapers is usually in small spurts of time in which I can leave the diaper duty to their parents…

    That being said, how do you clean these things? I understand they go into the washing machine but do you pre-rinse them over the toilet or something? I am envisioning a washing machine full of baby poop that I’d never want to put my clothes into!!

  2. theresa

    yes i 2nd mere’s question! also, when it’s a poopy diaper do you then carry the soiled diaper around w/ you if you’re out and about? i’m guessing when ms. a starts eating solid foods that might smell pretty bad & get gross. just wondering since my diapering experience is for much older children and i wouldn’t want to hang on to those diapers . . .

  3. Love this info. Because we share a laundry room with six other units in our condo, we didn’t feel right about washing cloth diapers in the common washers. Hopefully by the time we have our next kid, we’ll live in our own house and give cloth diapers a try!

  4. Very interesting. If we ever end up with an infant, I’d consider cloth diapering. I’m not so much intimidated by actually doing it, but by choosing the right diaper. So I appreciate your input even though I don’t know when I might have kids.

  5. Hey Kim! I live right down the street from Soft and Cozy Baby:) We’re also going to try cloth diapering once our baby arrives (hopefully around 5 weeks from now). I do have some disposables for the first weeks she is home. We have a variety or choices since a friend gave us gently used ones (pre-folds w/ covers) and we got some one size fuzzibuns and bummis covers at our shower. I’ve heard great things about bum genius, too. Good luck!

  6. Okay, I third Meredith’s question…only out of general curiosity. You ain’t going to see me pregnant anytime soon…not after the “I farted” story. 😉

  7. We used to cloth diaper, but Kyle kept taking them off and leaving them on the floor. I mean…what?

    We would love to be quasi-hippies like you guys are, but we can’t afford to go all the way. Someday…

  8. Shanea

    Glad you are still cloth diapering.Easy peasy, huh? I will be sad when I have to pack our cds up as my son is showing interest in potty learning.

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