Fitness and Fashion Friday

I’m still able to fit into my pre-pregnancy stuff (yippee!) although probably not as easily as I did before.  And I still prefer wearing leggings right now (because who wouldn’t choose elastic waist band pants?). 

While I’m trying not to focus too much on my weight, I still weigh myself about every other day.  My weight has pretty much stabilized around a certain number (that is about 5 lbs higher than I’d like it to be) but this morning it appeared that I had dropped some pounds.  I won’t get too happy about it.  I attribute that sort of weight loss to poop.  But – I thought it was time to snap another belly photo to see if I see a difference from my previous belly photo.

Here I am (photo taken this morning by Jeremy):

Here I was 3 weeks ago:

I think there is a slight difference.  It isn’t much but I’ll take it.  And I guess the fact that I can fit into pre-pregnancy jeans is proof that my belly has gone down. 

I’ve kept up with running 3 times a week and was pretty stoked when I ran 4 miles on Sunday.  My Tuesday and Thursday runs were on a treadmill (a 5k and 3.5 miles) so nothing exciting there.

Now back to fashion.  I kind of rushed through my last fashion post because I didn’t have much time to blog (I’m on the schedule of an infant now!).  But right now I’ve been loving maxi dresses.  However, I don’t know if I could pull this off.  Maxi dresses are tricky.  I feel like you have to be model thin to look fabulous in one or you risk looking like you’re wearing a tent. 

I really like this dress from Old Navy:

I worry about the fact that I couldn’t wear a bra with it.  Who would have thought that the president of the tiny ta-tas club would ever find herself in a position that she required a bra?  That’s what breastfeeding gets you.  Boobs.

Oh and Old Navy keeps sending me sale notices on maternity clothes.  Do they think that women are pregnant FOREVER?  Seriously, Old Navy.  I was ordering maternity clothes from you over the summer.  It is time to stop sending me maternity promotions.

I also kind of love this junior’s dress from Target.  However, the fact that it is a junior’s dress makes me think that I’m a bit too old for it.  But I like that you can wear a bra with it.

Do I risk looking like a middle school art teacher in these dresses? 

Oh and off topic – I’m in search of a good sports bra.  Previously I didn’t need to worry about good support (you know, since I’ve got tiny ta-tas) – but recently my boobs having been HURTING during my runs.  I need a good sports bra.  Recommendations?



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5 responses to “Fitness and Fashion Friday

  1. I’m not a runner, vegetarian or mother, but I still like your blog. Hope you don’t mind me tagging along 🙂

    As for sports bras, I’m uh…well endowed and this is the the only sports bra I’ve ever owned that was worth a damn. Sorry for the monster link! They’re expensive, but Hanes brand does have outlet stores. A lifesaver if you have one near you!

  2. CAG

    You look great Kim! (In pics and in person 🙂

    MAXIS will never go out of style!! If you don’t want to look like a school teacher you just have to jazz them up with some fancy jewelry. It’s all about the accesories!!
    I would love to wear more maxis but I’m so short and they normally make it for people with your height (sad face for me)

    Welcome to the big titty committee! LOL You should still be able to fiind a good one but I haven’t been so luck. Unfortunately I still have to wear 2 bras 😦

  3. Look at you, kicking ass and taking names! You’re not imagining things, the belly is definitely getting smaller.

    Also, if anyone can pull off the maxi, it’s you, little lady.

  4. A) That’s what my stomach looks like, and I’ve never had a baby.
    B) You look great is what I’m saying.
    C) I’ve spent my life passing up lovely things because I couldn’t wear a bra with it. Welcome to my world.

  5. You look great Kim! Fabulous efforts in running. Gosh, I want to like to run.

    I think both dresses are great. I thought I had seen the second dress before somewhere and, lo and behold, I had. I clicked on over and found <this. If you need ideas to Jaz it up, Kim at Fab Finds Under $50 is always posting about Maxi dresses. You can just search her blog.

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