I Feel Like a Leper

You know – when you’re pregnant, people treat you wonderfully.  It is one of the things I miss most.  Everyone goes out of their way to hold doors open for you, compliment you, assist you, etc.  It is a beautiful thing.

But then you have a baby.

Want to know how people treat women with babies?  Like they’re disease-ridden burdens to society.  While I realize I’m exaggerating just a tad, it is astonishing to me how quickly politeness goes out the window once you’re no longer sporting a basketball under your shirt.  Nobody holds doors for me.  In fact, people do everything in their power to speed by me as though I’m moving super slow through aisles.

Granted – there are some annoying parents with babies whose strollers take up entire aisles or who walk SO SLOW.  I am not one of those people.  However, I’ve been lumped into a group of bad apples.  And I don’t think people believe that this is happening to me.

Even worse?  I live in a city where aggressive driving is a necessity.  Since I’m now carting precious cargo, I thought displaying one of those dorky “Baby on Board” signs in my back window would at least garner some limited aggression on the roads.

I’ve apparently made things worse.  More people seem to do everything in their power to get away from my car.  Keep in mind – I’m still a pretty aggressive driver but now I’m dealing with assholes cutting me off.

What is it about carting a baby that makes strangers so mean?  I honestly want to start punching people in the face. 

And speaking of punching people in the face, you’d think being a parent would make me love children more but I find myself hating the children of my city even more than I did before.  I was driving into my neighborhood and witnessed 2 10-12 year old boys yelling at an older woman.  One even called her a “stupid bitch”.  And she just stood there.  I looked at Jeremy and said, “I don’t understand why people don’t just punch these little kids in the face.  If they said that to me, I wouldn’t hesitate to hit them.”  Then Jeremy blabbered on about lawsuits and stuff but really.  Why do adults take this abuse from punk kids?

Wow – this turned into a ranting post where I just admitted to wanting to punch lots of people in the face.  The only person that I don’t want to punch?  Annmarie.  So no need to call the Department of Social Services or anything.  But since I’m on a roll – here are other things people have done that have made me want to hit them:

  1. Thrown food into their back “yards” and into MY back area.  We live in the city, motherfuckers.  We are home to RATS and feral cats!  Stop attracting them with your nasty food scraps.  If I catch my neighbor doing it, I’m going to FLIP OUT.
  2. Wearing their shoes throughout my house.  You see my pile of shoes neatly by the front door.  You see that I do not wear shoes in my own home.  Why do you think it is okay for you to traipse around my house in your shoes?  I accept walking in the living room and even into the kitchen… but don’t go up my light-colored carpeted stairs in your dirty shoes.  I don’t care who you are.  We had roofers come by the house yesterday and I didn’t hesitate to ask them to take off their dirty boots.  And they politely obliged.
  3. Bad parkers.  You know who you are.  Living in the city means that most people have to park on the street.  I don’t understand people that park in such a way that they are taking up more than one potential parking space.  Sometimes parking on my street is ridiculous because people are such bad parkers.
  4. People who don’t stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk even though there are SIGNS POSTED that you’re supposed to.  This is especially infuriating when you’ve got a stroller and 2 hyper-active dogs.  It is even more infuriating when one of the people that does not obey this traffic law is a police officer.
  5. Litter.  Oy.  Why can’t people throw their trash in a trash can?
  6. Getting a bill from my dentist whose office has fucked up my crown TWICE.  It was determined in February that I needed a crown.  I made an appointment to get it done and have gone back to the office three times (once was because I broke the temporary crown… since I was pushing 3 weeks with it instead of 2 weeks like I should but the office fucked up my temp). 

Rant over.  What’s pissing you off lately?



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9 responses to “I Feel Like a Leper

  1. Liz

    Being on Tumblr has made me start reacting to everything in .gif form. Because I was just sitting here reading your list of people that need to be punched, and agreeing with all of them, while I thought of this:

  2. Meredith

    Better question would be, who don’t I want to punch in the face this week? Annmarie is of course excepted from my list. And you 🙂 I made a list for a co-worker of people I want to line up outside and run over with a City week. I’m having *that* kind of week – I’m not normally so mean – and this constant rain paired with a constant migraine isn’t helping. Serenity Now 🙂

    Front runners on my list are of course the ex, one particularly annoying/useless co-worker, the girl who complains all thru boot camp (what exactly did you think you were signing up for, an hour long walk in the park?) and this a-hole of a contractor who is not doing his job and trying to blame it on me.

    Thank goodness I’m taking a three day weekend cause I need it desperately.

    And FYI, if I see you out I will totally hold the door for you and Annmarie!

  3. Meredith

    ummm that should say City bus!

  4. Z

    I’ve usually got a list miles longer than yours, but for some reason not this week. Even though I had to sit through jury duty… 7 months pregnant. That didn’t make me pissed at anyone in particular, it just made my @ss even more sore than it usually is these days!

  5. Spinning off of your parking idiots, one of the things that I can’t stand are people who insist on backing up into a parking spot, but take 2, 3, 5! times to get it right. If you can’t do it correctly on your first try you are not qualified to back into a parking spot. Hand over your driver’s license immediately.

  6. I heard someone say once that children are like farts; you hate other people’s but relish your own. Truth.

  7. prettylittlereckless

    I wouldn’t be afraid to ask people to take off their shoes either! I mean, aren’t people taught to take off shoes anyways, unless the owner says it’s fine to wear shoes? People now days need more manners.

    People that are pissing me off lately:
    People who think you can just sit and email/text etc with them. Um, I have a JOB. (ie online dating. dude. Just because I can’t respond to you right away doesn’t mean anything!)

  8. Vonni

    Let’s see passive aggressive people, unrealistic deadlines and the people who make them and the fact that doing the right thing may cost my SO his job. That’s just today by the way.

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