Fitness, Fashion and Fussy Friday

I love alliteration! 


Sunday was my first official race post-baby.  In fact, it was my first official race since the marathon in November 2009!  I was happy to join my friend‘s team and race for a good cause.  Plus it gave me the motivation I needed to start running again.  I’m a big believer in having a goal to work towards.  It really gives you the kick in the pants you need sometimes.  While I’m more of a jogger/shuffler than a runner, I was satisfied with my time in the race (it was a 6k and I finished in 38:45 according to my Garmin).  Even Annmarie participated in the race!

My friend’s wife was kind enough to walk Annie through the course.  Here’s everyone admiring what a ridiculously adorable baby I have:

And here’s what Annie really did throughout the race (a whole lot of sleeping):

I’m still continuing my running on Tuesdays and Thursdays (at the gym on a dreadmill, unfortunately, but the gym has daycare!) and in the great outdoors on Sundays.  I’m also still keeping up with the p90x strength training on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. 


I really need to get my fashion mind focused on work stuff but it is just so difficult when Spring and Summer styles are all over the stores.  I just keep daydreaming about fabulous sunny weather and beach vacations.  Here are some things I am loving (as listed in People Style Watch magazine):


I adore that caftan in the upper left corner.  But I’m a bit thrown off by the term “caftan”.  But seriously – how cute?  This line is coming to Target May 1st.

stripe dress

I think this dress is such a cute summer dress and you can’t beat the price.  However, I can’t remember the last time I stepped foot in a JC Penney.  Anyone ever buy this brand before?  Any good?

striped shirt

I’m super into this striped boatneck tee trend right now.  This is a part of that whole nautical thing I’m loving.  But alas – I need to focus on tops that are easy to nurse in.

dress and shirt

I love the dress on Lauren Conrad but I also really adore that striped blousy top from Alloy.  But again – can I nurse in it?


This week has been a rough week.  It hit me that I am down to the last month of my maternity leave and I am riddled with guilt over it.  I was walking in the park today and saw a ton of parents with their small children and was hit with a wave of sadness.  Soon – I’ll only get a limited amount of time with my baby and I just can’t shake how awful that makes me feel.  However, I don’t know if I can hack it as a stay at home mom either.  Oy – the guilt.

Annie also had a bit of a growth spurt this week.  Wednesday was particularly rough because she wanted to nurse every hour to hour and a half.  My nipples felt like they were going to fall off and I felt like I couldn’t leave the house at all.  Then I felt rundown with housework.  My friend asked me if I felt like I had to be productive everyday since I’m at home and I told her that I do but not because Jeremy makes me feel like I should.  I just can’t stand a messy home.  When things start to accumulate (dust, laundry, dishes, miscellaneous stuff out of place and crap on the floor) – I start to feel CRAZY.  But because I was just feeling so worn down, I just had a mini meltdown and pity party for myself. 

But then Jeremy sent me these:

with this note:
flower note
… and I felt like the world’s biggest bitch because I had literally just snapped at him minutes earlier on the phone when he told me that I should relax.  He sent the flowers prior to my admittance to a pity party so these were really just sent just because he wanted to make me smile.  Have I mentioned how awesome Jeremy is?  But I’ll admit – while I was touched by the flowers and note, during my pity party/meltdown evening I was annoyed that I had to deal with flowers on top of everything else.  Have I mentioned that I’m a super bitch sometimes?

Now that I’m down to my last 3 weeks of maternity leave, I’m going to try to make the most of it.  Friends – let’s meet up for lunch!  Or walks around the neighborhood.  Or shopping trips.  Or whatever!  I know that when I go back to work, I won’t be going out anymore because I’ll want to spend all of my free time with just mah baby.



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5 responses to “Fitness, Fashion and Fussy Friday

  1. CAG

    Kim you are WAY too hard on yourself! (Now I feel like the friend that doesn’t understand because I have no kids) You’re doing an AMAZING job with Annmarie; esp considering she’s the first child you’ve held for an extended amount of time.
    I would love to see you both again (esp YOU! 🙂 So let us know when you’re free so we can link up again!
    P.S. This month Cosmo had the same stuff in it! Someone’s hijacking content. LOL

  2. Stacy

    OMG – let’s meet for lunch PUHLEASE! I AM DYING TO SEE HER! OH AND YOU!!

    I can meet in Fells if you can get there!!

  3. Your husband is so sweet and your baby is adorable? I love that you call her Annie. So cute.

  4. I’ve never understood fashion, as on the striped tee page… Try it with pants! OR A SKIRT! What the hell else would you wear a shirt with???

  5. Oy, I feel your exhaustion. We’ve been SUPER busy with work lately, and when I do finally get a day off I’m overwhelmed by the responsibilities that await me at home. And I’m on my own for all these responsibilities, because Kyle’s working two jobs, so when he gets home, he leaves for his other job. And it feels like as soon as I get caught up, we dive back into work and it starts all over. It never ends.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I feel your exhaustion and anxiety. Maybe what we both need is a nice, long run in the sunshine!

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