El Cheapo (How Getting Older and Having a Baby Has Made Me Cheap)

Last week, Jeremy accused me of being super cheap.  I had told him about a super cute baby dress I saw at a consignment sale (it was a little sailor dress) but that I was appalled that it was $8.  It was a used dress.  And a used novelty dress at that.  $8?  I wasn’t buying it on pure principal.  And then Jeremy said I was cheap.

I realize we can afford $8 but in shopping for baby clothes, I can’t get over the prices some places want to charge for stuff that will essentially get stained with poop or that will be outgrown in like a month.  It drives me crazy! 

Today I reminisced about the days where I’d drop $150 for a pair of jeans and not think twice about it.  Now I won’t pay over $30 for some dresses and tops.  My friend said that it probably has to do with the fact that we are now aware of how hard we have to work for our money.  For me – it is just taking into consideration my myriad bills and now I have a baby and can’t even justify spending X amount of dollars on some poorly constructed top (I’m looking at you Old Navy, Banana Republic and H&M… your quality has gone to shit and yet your prices continue to go up.  Not cool.). 

At the mall today, I noticed the Easter Bunny was there.  Even though I found the bunny to be as creepy as the thing from Donnie Darko, I considered taking advantage of getting Annie’s pic snapped with it since there wasn’t a line.

I was trying to find a sign with the pricing listed and the nice employee handed me the sheet with the prices.  And I nearly died.

The cheapest package was $25.99 and it included:

  • 1 – 5×7 Portrait
  • 1 – 4×6 Portrait
  • 2 – 3.5×5 Portraits
  • 4 – Wallet size Portraits

Oh and it also included a “free visit with the bunny”.  How kind of them.  I realize $25.99 isn’t exactly breaking the bank but this was a crap looking bunny on a crap looking set.  And what the hell does one do with all of those pictures?

What made me laugh out loud, though, was the little section that was denoted “Free”.  What did that include?

  • Free smiles
  • Free hugs
  • Free wish taking
  • Free hand holding
  • Free Surprise Gift

Now is it just me or does that sound like a package a pedophile would offer to a child?  What the crap is the free surprise gift?  Yikes!

So maybe I am getting cheap but I am totally okay with that.



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4 responses to “El Cheapo (How Getting Older and Having a Baby Has Made Me Cheap)

  1. Are you fucking kidding me? $25 for some shitty pictures with an old guy in a bunny suit? Fuck. That. Noise. You’re decision doesn’t mean that you’re cheap, it means that you’re not retarded. Congratulations on having half a brain.

  2. Meredith

    What is wrong with that bunny? Super weird.

    Ummm where’s our cloth diapering follow-up? Inquiring minds want to know how you keep the poop off your clothes!!

  3. I can’t really say because this all sounds completely reasonable to me. Of course, I’ve been cheap my whole life. I would never in a million years pay $150 for a pair of jeans. I don’t think I’ve ever spent over $40, and I even cringe at that. $25.99 to visit the Easter Bunny? No way in hell.

    I think this is a good thing!

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