Fitness and F’n Friday

Sorry – I have no fashion news this week.


I’m still running!  But I am happy that I am now up to 4 miles jogs and each jog outside keeps getting faster and faster.  I’ve already shaved about 30 seconds off of my pace from when I first started about 5 weeks ago.  I know that isn’t fantastic but I’m pleased.

However, I did learn and very hard lesson this week.  Although I’m able to run further and faster – my sports bras just aren’t cutting it anymore.  I am still the president of the tiny ta-ta’s club but my tiny ta-tas are now MUCH heavier due to milk production.  I’ve been sporting some very flimsy sports bras from Old Navy and Target because I’ve never needed good support in the past. 

After my Tuesday treadmill run, my girls were bouncing up and down and after 4 miles – I wanted to DIE.  My boobs were SORE.  I’m not sure why I thought my Thursday run would have been different but I was nearly in tears after 1 mile.  I pushed through for another .25 miles and had to stop.  My boobs felt like gravity’s punching bags. 

So based on the recommendation from a friend, I bought a $45 sports bra (and this is a big deal to me because I’ve never spent more than $10 on one).  I bought the Moving Comfort Fiona bra.  While I haven’t tested it out on a run yet, I did some vigorious jumps in the dressing room and was pleased. 


This topic isn’t as fun as you think – this is about my potty mouth.  Now that I am a mom, I think I really need to reign in the cussing.  I mean – it is pretty bad.  I don’t just cuss when I’m angry, I use cuss words as regular adverbs and descriptors to everyday conversation.  I don’t want Annie’s first word to be FUCK.

While I think I can stay in check for most of the day – it is my road rage that gets me.  And since Annie is usually with me while I’m driving, it means that she hears “motherfucker” at least 10 times a day.  I need some sort of device that shocks me everytime I cuss.

I was cuddling with Annie the other day at a friend’s house and I got a little sappy.  I rattled on about how I loved holding her when she was so small and I didn’t want her to grow up.  My friend noted that she wasn’t used to seeing this side of me.  And then we went for a drive to the mall and the expletives all came out and she said that THAT was the Kim she knew.  Ha!

Any tips on kicking the cussing out of your vocabulary?



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6 responses to “Fitness and F’n Friday

  1. I have to wear two freakin’ sports bras when I run. I’m interested to hear how yours works out.

    And I have no tips for curbing the cursing as that’s never been a large part of my vocab. The first time Annie repeats you, though, you’ll definitely be more aware. Heh. I learned that when Em started chanting, “Oh, CRAP!” when I got mad behind the wheel. Oops.

  2. Start replacing the curses with other words… whenever we are about to drop the f-bomb and catch ourselves it’s usually oh fuuuuu-dgecicles! Completely ridiculous but I’d rather he say fudge than fuck 😉

  3. I’m the worst. I am incapable of turning off the potty mouth in front of kids. It just doesn’t register with me. Pretty sure any kids I have will be swearing before they say dada or mama.

  4. Vonni

    Can’t help you with the potty mouth. I’ve been banned from friend’s home with small children as I am unable to refrain from using the F bomb. Especially if there is vino involved. Good luck with the cussing clean up!

  5. Holy fucking shit tacos, I have no advice for you. Once in a while at work we’ll do a church event or an event with kids and our boss makes us use our “Disney filters.” Cursing and general foul language is a large part of the tech theatre culture, so we damn-near explode. It’s like without curse words, we all have to revert to monosyllabic speech. “Audio no make big boom boom!”

  6. Pregnancy and balance; the saga of a runner getting large...

    I love reading your posts – the humor and truth to it is spot on!

    I too have no advice on the potty mouth (I mean, shit – I’m not due until October, I have time, right?). But I would LOVE to hear about your bra reaction. I am choking a bit by the $45 price tag… Target just had a sale on the c9 bras for 12.00 I think. But wearing 2 of them makes it a little difficult to breathe! Keep us posted!

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