4 Years (And in that time we made a baby!)

Tomorrow is my 4 year wedding anniversary.  Holy cannoli!  I wish I could say that my wedding feels like it was yesterday but honestly – I sort of don’t remember much about the day anymore.  Perhaps that is what having a baby does?  My brain can only hold so many memories.

4 Years ago tomorrow, I was doing this…

and then some of this…

and then some of this…

And in those 4 years, we’ve traveled to some great places like…

The Maldives (our honeymoon)

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Scotland (where I got to drive on the opposite side of the road… and we lived to tell the tale):

The Tower Bridge in London

London and Paris 2009 479

And some other places (Turks and Caicos, The Outer Banks 4 times! and I’m sure I’m forgetting something because I forget everything these days…)

While I loved all of the places we’ve been and can’t wait for all the places we’ll go, our biggest adventure to date (cue sappy music) was having a baby…
Still can't believe we're parents
Annmarie - just a few hours old

and watching her grow and change everyday (this photo was taken on Sunday… can you believe she’s gone from the picture above to this?!  she’s frickin’ huge and adorable!)
Annmarie 039

(okay – sappiness over!)



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8 responses to “4 Years (And in that time we made a baby!)

  1. Happy anniversary, mama!


  2. Z

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    (And – we seem to be on a very similar life track currently – my 4th anniversary is coming up at the end of May, and our first baby is due the first week of June! YAY for 4 years of marriage + a new baby!)

  3. Stacy

    Happy Anniversary!!! I can’t believe it’s been four years!!

  4. Happy anniversary! Everything about this post is so fun – the wedding(s), the travels, the baby. Love!

  5. So many adventures! If that’s everything that you did in the last 4 years, imagine what the next 4 will bring!

    Also, I know I’m repeating myself, but I love how expressive Annmarie’s face is. It’s part of what makes her irresistible.

  6. mainlyclearskies

    Happy Anniversary!

  7. ~*ahhhhhhhh!!! happy anniversary kim&jeremy!!! love, LOVE, love the pics of annie:)

  8. Happy Anniversary! So cool!

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