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Fitness Friday (2 days late)

I totally forgot to blog on Friday!  Whoops!  And normally I would’ve just skipped the blog post but I really did want to blog about something fitness related.

I had a lunch date with my dear friend, Angie (click that link – she has started blogging again!), on Tuesday so I wasn’t able to fit in a run.  Instead, I did the P90x Plyometrics dvd.  It is a great workout and I hadn’t done it in a VERY long time.  Needless to say, my legs were very sore for several days.

I managed to squeeze in a run on Thursday but didn’t time it very well.  I had to wait until Jeremy got home (he took a half day at work so he could study for his final).  I had running around lunchtime because I’m always STARVING so I tried to time some decent snacks appropriately.  I definitely failed at that because I spent the majority of the run wanting to vomit.  I managed to run a hilly 1.65 miles and then spent the rest of the 3.1 total I intended to do doing a run/walk routine.  But something was better than nothing, right?

Friday I woke up early and did the P90x legs & back dvd with Jeremy.  I had also intended to attend a local Stroller Strides class.  It was at 9am in Patterson Park.  I had purchased a 5-class pass about 2 months ago with every intention of going during my maternity leave but toally dropped the ball.  I received an e-mail that my pass was going to expire mid-June so I knew I had to get on that.

Stroller Strides is a workout class/program for moms and their babies.  I thought it was a great way to squeeze in a workout while not having to worry about finding child care.  Plus I thought I could meet some other local moms.  I also assumed that the classes wouldn’t be that tough because it was for moms that had their children with them.

I met some nice local moms and it appeared many of them had been attending the classes for several weeks or a few months.  The instructor was fantastic and everyone was very welcoming.

So that crap about it not being that tough?  I was SO wrong.  I don’t know if it was the fact that my legs were still sore from Tuesday’s workout AND I had just done a legs/back workout the morning of the class, but I wanted to cry a few times during some of the jump squats and walking lunges.  The class was definitely tougher than I thought but I enjoyed working up a sweat.  What I also enjoyed?  The NO judgement over having a crying/fussy baby.

I get a lot of anxiety when I’m out with Annie and she’s fussy.  I don’t know why.  I sweat profusely and am convinced that everyone around me thinks I am a terrible mom.  But in this workout group – just about everyone’s baby had one or two little fussy moments.  None of the moms passed judgement and it felt great.  They were all understanding and I loved it.

So if you’re a mom looking to meet other moms and get a great workout – I suggest finding out if there is a local Stroller Strides in your area.  Unfortunely I won’t be able to attend any of the morning weekday classes but I hope to meet some working moms at the evening classes.


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