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Back to the Grind

** Yarg!  WordPress ate most of this post so I had to reblog it… but I’m tired so this is a much shorter version than what I originally wrote.  Sorry! **

Today was my first day back at work.  While I was a bit weepy all morning – I didn’t bawl my eyes out like I thought I would.  I will say, however, that I got to work 45 minutes later than I intended.  Having a baby and getting everything prepped is extremely time consuming.

And while it felt weird to be back at work – it also almost felt like I wasn’t gone for 3 months.  The office still felt the same.

I surrounded myself with pictures of Annmarie.  I soaked in all of the compliments from co-workers telling me that I didn’t even look like I had a baby (I worked hard to get back to my prepregnancy size so I will happily accept these compliments!).  But the best part of the day was the receiving several text message updates from my daycare provider.

I received this one around 9am:

“She is so good, just fell asleep.  She was a little bit fussy and I had to change her diaper and give her a bottle.”

Then around 11am:

“Just woke up 1/2 hour ago… now just chill’n” followed by, “She is very good and didn’t cry when she woke up.”

Lastly around 1:15pm:

“She cried for the last 10 minutes and now she is asleep.”

As lame as this may be – these texts and pictures got me through the day.  I was happy that Annie seemed to be doing just fine.  I chuckled at the pictures (I love that she has the same sleeping pose and obviously had to change outfits at least once).

I’m just hoping that the guilt I feel will go away soon.


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