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Mother’s Day, Schmother’s Day

I’ve dropped the ball twice already with my commitment to blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I need to get back on track!

This is a late post on my first Mother’s Day.

To sum up the day… it was okay. I think I had high expectations for the day and it really just ended up being like any other day (except that I got flowers and breakfast made for me).

My high expectations stemmed from the following:

  • it was my FIRST Mother’s Day
  • it was my last day before I returned to work
  • Jeremy is known to be a really thoughtful gift-giver
  • I never got a push present (haha… I learned of these right around the time I gave birth and thought, “I have another reason to get a gift? Sweet!” I joked with Jeremy that he was supposed to buy me something and he pointed out that his gift to me was the baby. Um, really?)

I started the morning by nursing Annmarie. I then headed out for a quick run along the harbor. Jeremy made blueberry belgium waffles and then headed to the grocery store. I knew he was going to come back with flowers and a card. It is his M.O. And as one dad pointed out to me, “what did you expect? You can’t buy flowers ahead of time. Where would you hide them?”

While he was gone, I started the laundry, cleaned the bathroom and sweeped the kitchen, dining room and living room floors. Since becoming a mom and staying at home for 3 months – I became CRAZY about the crumbs, dust, dog hair, dirt, etc. that would somehow end up on my floor ALL THE TIME. I was sweeping up like crazy nearly every day.

Jeremy came back with a tulips, a bottle of wine and a card from him and another card from Annmarie. He then suggested that we just take a stroll around the Inner Harbor for a bit and then follow it with a long walk in the park with the dogs.

Since we were hitting up the Inner Harbor, I used a Barnes & Noble gift card to purchase:
Super Baby Food (since we can introduce Annie to solids soon)

Moo Baa La La La (since I was already getting sick of some of the books we have)

After B&N, we hit up Urban Outfitters because I had about $60 worth of gift cards to spend (from Christmas and my birthday). I purchased 2 tunics (with wide collars for nursing!) and a casual cotton dress. Nothing exciting or worth snapping a photo of.

Here’s me & Annie at the Inner Harbor. Since I’m still concerned about her getting a flat head, I try to carry her around as much as possible.
Mother's Day

We then went home to grab the dogs and headed to the nearby park. At this point, my back was aching from carrying my super cute but very heavy baby around.
(I love this picture because she’s trying to get the pacifier back in her mouth – it is probably mean that I didn’t just help her but instead snapped a photo)
Trying to get that pacifier

At this point, it was late afternoon. I kept waiting for Jeremy to present me with some sort of sentimental gift. And nothing. I would have even been a little happier had he cleaned the house!

Finally I told him that I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get anything. And yes, this probably makes me seem like a selfish jerk. But the day just felt so ordinary and I wanted something a bit extraordinary for my first Mother’s Day / last day of maternity leave.

He was helpful with washing all of the bottles and getting everything ready for our first trip to the daycare but I think this is something that ALL FATHERS SHOULD DO.

I’m sure I’m coming off as a wee bit selfish and bitchy – but I’m just being honest. So fellas – if the next Mother’s Day is going to be your lady’s FIRST, I highly suggest you make a big deal out of it.


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