Fitness and Fatigued Friday

Since this was my first week back to work, Jeremy and I needed to figure out the ideal time to wake up in the morning so that we could both work out, get Annie ready for daycare and get ready for work.  Monday was a little shaky and we realized that we needed to wake up at least a half hour earlier just to get things done in a timely manner.


We participated in the Race to Donate Life 5k on Saturday with team Love Luca.  I walked the 5k with Annie in her stroller alongside Kt and Luca.  Luca was a happy baby.  Annie?  Not so much.  And to sum up how she was during at least half of the event, check out the team picture (I blacked out the faces of the other team members because I don’t think they necessarily want to be all up on my blog.  But look at sweet little Luca and then look at Annie):


Now that I’m back at work, I’m able to access the gym in my office building.  Before baby (bb), I used to wake up early and head straight to the gym for a work out where I would then just get ready for the day.  I was doing at least 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week (and kept this up until the day before I went into labor!).

During maternity leave (4 weeks postpartum), I was doing a P90x strength workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  At 6 weeks postpartum, I introduced cardio but was only doing it on Tuesdays, Thursday and either Saturday or Sunday (running).   

I thought that I’d maybe be able to return to my 5 days a week cardio routine once I returned to work but it looks like that is not happening.  Why?  Getting a baby ready for daycare is a lot of work!

Also, since I am now lugging a pump to work on top of my purse (that is currently the diaper bag because I just don’t feel like switching things back and forth between bags), also lugging a gym bag isn’t really that ideal unless that is the only workout of the day. 

Basically what I’m saying is – my maternity leave fitness routine hasn’t changed.  I’m happy that I managed to get to the gym twice this week (on Tuesday and Thursday) but don’t see me ever being able to do both the strength workout at home and then go the gym and then get to work on time.  It makes me tired just thinking about it.

I also need to determine when I’ll use up the remaining Stroller Strides classes I paid for.  I can only do the 5:30pm ones (Monday and Wednesday) and the 9am Saturday class.  While the 9am class wouldn’t be difficult, I wouldn’t be able to use up my pass before it expires.  But after picking up Annie from daycare – the idea of hauling ass to the park at 5:30pm seems exhausting too.  Oy, what to do.  I think I just need to get back into this routine. 

But that leads me to…


Now that I’m back at work and we’re using a daycare provider (who is AWESOME.  I love this woman.  She is so incredibly sweet with Annie and you can tell that Annie just loves her already) – we have to prep a lot of stuff the night before and the morning of.  Jeremy has a break between his Spring semester and Summer semester of classes so it has been fantastic to have him home and helping – but I think I might die once he starts his summer semester.

Here is our new routine:

Night before

  • pull out frozen breastmilk from freezer and place in fridge to defrost (we’ve determined we always need to be a day ahead to make things easy.  So on Sunday we pulled out enough frozen breastmilk for 2 days – Monday and Tuesday because on Monday night, we pulled out the frozen breastmilk for Wednesday.  I hope that makes sense.)
  • place the defrosted breastmilk into bottles (ideally we’d already have defrosted milk)
  • place bottle cooler pack in freezer
  • place pump bag freezer pack in freezer
  • wash and dry cloth diapers
  • wash and dry any soiled clothes (in case we don’t have enough for the next day)
  • wash all pump bottles and parts
  • (this isn’t an actual image of our bottles but we do have this drying rack and we do use Dr. Brown’s bottles so this is a pretty close representation of what our kitchen has going on during the week)
  • wash previously used bottles (although our amazing daycare lady actually washes all of the bottles before we come to pick up Annie.  But in my cleaning craze, I still sterilize the bottles and this isn’t because I don’t trust her – I’d still sterilize the bottles we wash.)
  • pack our lunches (and in my case, I pack a breakfast as well)

Morning of

  • grab dry cloth diapers and assemble them then pack them in Annie’s daycare bag
  • grab all pump bottles and parts and place in pump bag
  • grab several outfits for Annie (in case of diaper leaks at daycare) and pack in daycare bag
  • wake Annie (or sometimes she just wakes up on her own) and change her diaper
  • nurse Annie
  • depending on the day, we workout and sometimes it is before Annie wakes up (and that is ideal) but this morning she was up so I nursed her and then she hung out with us in the basement and played on her floor gym while we worked out)
  • shower and get ready for work
  • tummy time with Annie (if time permits)
  • change Annie’s diaper and get her dressed
  • make sure the dogs have been fed and have gone to the bathroom several times outside

and I’m sure I’m still forgetting something.  Needless to say, we’re now waking up at 5am to accomplish all of this.  As for the night before routine?  I pick Annie up around 4:30pm, get home around 4:45pm and then nurse her then try to squeeze in some quality time.

Because the weather has been so nice and we feel bad leaving the dogs kenneled all day, we’ve been squeezing in some quick walks around the park (30-40 minutes).  When we get home, the bedtime routine begins for Annie and then we start the entire night before routine.  Basically we’re not getting much time to wind down.

I’m sure we just need to get into the routine and things will feel like second nature at some point but right now – it is exhausting.  I am thrilled that the weekend is here although we won’t really get to sleep very late but we get a break from our night before routine and even the morning of routine and the idea of that seems magical.

And just because I think this post needs more pictures…
Annmarie 156



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2 responses to “Fitness and Fatigued Friday

  1. Meredith

    I am completely exhausted just reading about your routine!!

  2. Holy fucking ass crackers. That’s insane. I now feel bad for bitching about how crazy my life is, as I got nothing on you!

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