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What I Wore Wednesday (I’m trying something new)

I was thinking about how I used to try to make an effort to look put together during my pregnancy (at least at work).  I liked that blogging about it made me feel a little more accountable to remaining somewhat chic.  And I think I need that accountability again.  This time, my work wardrobe has to function in a way that I never thought I’d need… and that way is accessible to my boobs.

So on Wednesdays (but maybe not every Wednesday) – I’ll try to post some of my work outfits that allow me easy access to the girls so that I can pump.  Yes, I pump at work.  And yes, it sucks.  But maybe this will give some future nursing moms that have to go back to work some hope that you can still look professional without screaming “I’m wearing this so that I can squeeze milk out of my nipples.”

Because I just thought of this today, I only have today’s outfit to show.  And please excuse the crappy photos.  I tried to sneak some quick photos in as soon as I got home from work / picking Annmarie up from daycare and she was crying (because she wanted attention and couldn’t understand why mom kept fumbling with the camera).

For some reason, I couldn’t get the flash to go off on the point & shoot (despite it being set to automatic).  So here is a sort of blurry close-up of my outfit:

Dress: I saw this dress in a Target ad (with a red sweater) and loved it.  I removed the cloth belt and used a fake leather belt in its place.  I thought it made it look more polished.  The buttons at the neckline made accessing my boobs easy.

Belt: Target (from a few years ago).

Sweater: H&M (from a few years ago).

Shoes:  Target (and I wore the shit out of these during my pregnancy.  I love flats!)

I felt a little patriotic / country chic in this but also very preppy and pulled together.

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