What I Wore Wednesday Fail

Sometimes I put together outfits and think I look pretty decent.  I’ve looked in my mirror and assessed that I don’t look half bad.  But then some a-hole snaps a picture of me and then I get to see the outside view of my outfit.  And sweet baby jesus, it is bad.

An outfit that will not ever be repeated?  This.

I’ve always refered to my green bermuda shorts as “mom” shorts but I didn’t realize just how unflattering they are on me.

And pairing the unflatting shorts with a nursing tank top with no support and a cardigan just aren’t cutting it anymore.

The only thing I like about this outfit is my sunglasses.

This picture was sent to me on the heels of my declarations of…

  • I’m at my super fit summer weight!
  • My boobs increased a cup size!
  • I fit into all of my prepregnancy clothes!

Now all I see is that I need better shorts and support for my boobs.

I know that I declared last week that I would try to snap photos of my outfits to stay accountable for looking put together as a nursing/pumping mom but I’ve totally dropped the ball.  I promise I’ll do better next time!



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3 responses to “What I Wore Wednesday Fail

  1. I do the same thing with thinking I look good in my mirror, then seeing myself in a work mirror or out something and cringing.

    I am not fashionable, so my comment might not mean anything. BUT. I actually think that outfit is cute. I love the colors, and I think the shorts look flattering on you. Shorts are one item of clothing I can never wear, unless they’re workout shorts and no one is around. But those are cute.

  2. Meredith

    Was this a work outfit? It seems super casual which makes me super jealous 🙂 I bought what I thought was the best outfit…until I saw a photo of myself in it!

    I think you look cute though, shorts and all!

  3. I think you’re being a little hard on yourself. Sure, you’re not exactly giving Stacy London a run for her money in that outfit, but you still look adorbs. Let’s just say that I’ve looked MUCH worse and leave it at that.

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