First-Time Mom Friday (a day late)

I’ve realized that I’ve gone a bit overboard with the “Annmarie” personalization around the house.  I think this has a large part to do with me being a first time mom.  I couldn’t decide between birth announcements so I have THREE different ones:

And then there are the sweet gifts we’ve received from people (and I *LOVE* them all!):

Received from our boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s… the head of the department!

Made by my very talented craftacular friend, Kristin.

A gift from my very sweet cousin-in-law, Christen.  She ordered the blanket and burp cloth from Petunias.

Even Jeremy has bought me Annmarie / mom – related stuff (this was his, well Annmarie’s, mother’s day make-up present:

It is a letter “A” (the owl was from a Christmas gift and the chain recently broke so I just moved it to this necklace) and there is a ring with Annmarie’s birthdate on it.  The other phrases were just funny (but VERY true!) things.  He ordered this stuff from Mano y Metal.

And then I even went and made a SHADOW box (I never thought I’d utter those words) of Annmarie’s hospital stuff like her little hat, hospital bracelets, little sign that hung in her crib…

A part of me wonders if having all of these personalized items is a first-time mom thing.  Will I go out and buy all this name stuff if we have a second baby?  Will I still be undecided about a birth announcement?  Will I dare make another shadow box?

This leads me to the tons of pictures and videos.  Does that stop after you have another (or at least does the frequency die down a bit?).  I kind of hope not because I’d hate to miss these moments with any subsequent babies…

(Annmarie has recently started squealing A TON.  It is as if she’s just found her voice.  I love it.




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3 responses to “First-Time Mom Friday (a day late)

  1. Only time will tell, Mama. In the meantime, I would try to just enjoy the experience of being a first-time mommy instead of worrying about whether you’re a normal first-time mommy. Because even if you’re not, you’ll still be the best Annmarie-mommy in the world!

  2. TheCreep

    Chocolate milk bubbles.

  3. ~*i<3all of your organization and the way things coordinate so well. since i'm not a mom, i can't quite say i know from experience but i know from other moms that usually most of the detailed stuff goes into the 1st babies stuff…and although the 2nd or 3rd, 4th…so on may get a lot of attention, it's not to the full extent of what they did the first time around. and by age 3 or so…i've seen a lot of moms purging a lot of stuff too because it becomes so overwhelming! ps annie is growing up so fast!!! she's so freaking cute<3

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