Crap I Bought (and what I wore)

Remember when I mentioned some of the crap I wanted to buy?  Well I bought it.  The catalyst for me buying the stuff was my wearing a particularly revealing dress to the office last week.  I tried the dress on in a hurry over one of my nursing tanks and was too busy celebrating the fact that it zipped (it was a “skinny” dress) that I didn’t pay attention to where the v-neck hit.  I just threw the dress in my gym bag and headed off to the gym.  Only when I was getting ready for work and was getting slightly engorged (it was close to pumping time!) did I notice just how revealing the dress was and how awkward and inappropriate it looked.  I realized that I needed the secret cami!

Sorry – no picture of the revealing dress but here are 2 things that I remembered to snap a very grainy photo of this past week…

It is difficult to tell but this dress buttons all the way from top to botton in the front.  This is perfect nursing dress!  I also like that it is belted.  Since returning to work, I’m trying to wear more waist enhancing attire (anything that has a defined waist or can be belted).

Jeremy saw this outfit and said, “I know your secret” because he knew I was rocking the secret cami.  I felt like a giant turd snapping it over my bra but it was really convenient and helped me to feel office appropriate.

But now on to the other crap purchase… Easy Feet.  Save your $10!  While the bristles feel nice on my tootsies, this plastic piece of crap doesn’t stick to my tub!  And because it doesn’t stay in place, your foot kind of slides all over the place.  I don’t see how the elderly are the demographic for this product.  They would slip and break a hip!  I’m really mad about this purchase.  I was looking forward to pampering my feet in a convenient way to pamper my feet but instead am stuck with the world’s largest flip flop.

What’s the last crappy item you’ve purchased?



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5 responses to “Crap I Bought (and what I wore)

  1. I might have to get the secret cami. Sucks the easy feet is a crap product, but your review cracked me up.
    PS – The dress in the first pic is super cute!

  2. My fucking running shoes! I’m forced to keeping my distance around 2-3.5 miles because any longer than that and my feet will be completely numb! I’m hoping that they just need to be broken in, but I’m terrified that I just spent $100 on crap.

    In happier thoughts, those heels are fierce!

  3. So tell me more about this secret cami. I have about 70 layering tanks that I wear under everything, but there are certain dresses and such that just work with a full on tank top. Actually, it’s funny, a friend was just telling me about these secret camis yesterday and I was intrigued. Then you wrote about them, so the universe is telling me something.

    Worth the purchase? Do they stay put? I feel like that flap might ride up if you move around a lot. Do tell!

  4. I *almost* bought the secret cami a couple months ago, but I wasn’t a fan of the lace. Do you think it could be trimmed off and still look ok? Or just suck it up with the lace?

  5. Meredith

    The dress in the first photo is so cute. Where’s it from?

    I haven’t bought anything crappy recently but I have been better at returning things that I get home and aren’t in love with or that don’t fit just right. I used to feel bad about returning things but I’ve come to the conclusion that clothing is way too expensive to have it hang in my closet with tags on it until I decide to donate it!

    You should have saved your money on the foot scrub thing and bought an awesome bootleg NKOTBSB tee shirt in the parking garage Sunday night instead!

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