Tasting the World (A New Phase in Baby’s Development)

I’m just warning my readers that today’s post is yet another baby related post.  I meant to blog on Friday and I had something to write about (and I know it started with an F) but the day got away from me and then I received a letter from MetLife informing me that they were raising my car insurance by 47% (I wish that were a typo) based on my November accident (so god only knows what is going to happen once they factor in my most recent accident).  So I spent Friday kind of pissed off and worn down.

So I’m cheating.  Today is a photo post. 

Annie has reached that phase where she wants to stick everything in her mouth.  I’ve read on numberous baby sites and baby books that this is another way for babies to process the world around them (so instead of just their eyes, ears and nose… they now are trying to taste stuff). 

Stuffing her face series

Stuffing her face series

Stuffing her face series

Week 16 Outtake

(She’s trying to eat her shirt)

It is pretty funny and she ended up breaking one of her toys a few weeks ago (it was one you pulled down and it vibrated back up).  Because she was so intent on trying to up one of the legs of the toy in her mouth – it just ended up breaking the vibration piece. 

But the best “sticking stuff in her mouth” moment was when she grabbed Petie’s leg with one hand and then she turned on her side and grabbed the same leg with her other hand.  She then proceeded to move closer to Petie with her mouth wide open.  Jeremy pulled her away and said, “we don’t eat the dog, Annmarie”.  (I mean, she is a 1/4 Korean so perhaps she had a craving for dog?)


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  1. BAHAHAHA! I love how Jeremy said it with such seriousness, like he was saying, “We don’t hit people, Annmarie.” I love your little family.

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