Ch-ch-changes (I hate Changes)

I have to break-up with my daycare provider and I am completely heartbroken and sick about it.  I knew that this day would eventually come but I guess I wasn’t ready to face it.  I actually get a little weepy when I talk about it.

Some of you may recall when I tweeted in a total panic about my daycare provider moving out of Baltimore?

She had told us that she and her husband bought a house in a suburban neighborhood located about 20 minutes south of Baltimore City (and it is actually in the same city as my parents).  They were planning on putting their home in the city but she said she would continue running daycare out of that home until it sold.  She even said she’d make arrangements to meet the parents at a pick-up/drop-off location after the house sold where she would take the children back to her new home.

We agreed mostly because we were kind of stuck.  I was coming back from maternity leave in less than a month and we really needed childcare! 

She’s been watching Annie for about a month now and I absolutely LOVE her.  She is one of the sweetest women I’ve encountered and she clearly loves Annie (and Annie clearly loves her).  She sends me picture and text message updates like these…

But I knew that she would stop running the daycare out of her Baltimore home.  Last week she called and said she would like to start running daycare out of her new home because the commute back and forth was taking its toll on her (and considering how little she makes, I completely understand).

She offered to meet at a halfway point between her new home and the city but that would require us leaving the city only to re-enter the city for work.  For anyone familiar with the traffic patterns in the Baltimore-Metropolitan area, you know that this isn’t ideal. 

The other family said that it was too far for them so they’re going to find other arrangements.  And because of this – I think she wants to be more accommodating for us.  She has offered to meet Jeremy in the city for drop-off if I was willing to drive to the suburbs for pick-up. 

I am really considering it because I just love her so much but at the same time – I know that I will tire of that commute as well.  I mean – I work less than 5 miles from my home!  I have it pretty good.  Do I want to deal with rush hour traffic again (I used to work 25 miles from my home and hated it).

Ugh – but I love her and this breaks my heart!  Jeremy just pitched the idea of seeing if she’d be willing to “nanny” at our house (we’d obviously pay her more) and potentially see if we can do a nanny share with someone but I don’t think she’d go for it.  I believe that she really wants to stay home but it is worth a shot.

In other changes news – my stupid f’n auto insurance, MetLife, sent me a letter the other day.  The letter was titled, “Notice of premium increase greater than 15%”.  With 2 accidents now on my plan, I wasn’t surprised.  But I almost choked when I read that they were jacking up my insurance 47%!  Even worse?  That rate hike was based on my November accident alone!  Yowza!

I started shopping around for other insurance plans and realized that we had it pretty good with MetLife (barring that we didn’t hit stuff with our cars).  Their rates were the lowest (thanks to a group discount through our employer) and their rental coverage was pretty good.  And now that I’m a “high risk” driver (one of the insurance companies deemed me as “uninsurable” after I submitted my information online for a quote) – I’m pretty sure we’re screwed.

So on top of now paying more for insurance, we’ll be paying more for childcare.  There is a HUGE difference between what our current provider charges and what others are charging (nearly $100 difference a WEEK).  Being an adult sucks sometimes.



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2 responses to “Ch-ch-changes (I hate Changes)

  1. That really sucks, darlin. I know how worried you were when you were originally shopping around for daycare and how ecstatic you were when you found someone you liked. But if there’s a silver lining to all of this, it’s this: at least Annmarie’s not old enough to be phased by any of this!

  2. Such a bummer because I know it’s difficult to find a great daycare. And you found one! And now you have to break up!

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