Fitness Friday (and other stuff)


I’m still working out and following my basic same routine.  P90x strength training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Running on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

But I’ve hit a plateau with running.  I’ve maxed out at 4 miles and can’t seem to break past that distance OR increase my speed.  When I first started running again (around the end of March), I noticed that my speed and distance were slowing increasing as I kept up my 3 times a week runs.

But these last 2 weeks have been difficult.  My last 2 Sunday runs have resulted in me only being able to run non-stop for the first 2 miles and then switch to a run 1 min walk 1 min for the next 2 miles.  The last 2 Tuesdays I’ve only been able to run 2 to 3 miles (on the treadmill) and they have felt HARD.  Strangely – the last 2 Thursdays I’ve been able to run 4 miles on the treadmill and feel fine.

I don’t know how to explain this.  I know everybody has a bad running day every once in awhile but I’m starting to wonder what is going on.  Why can’t I break past 4 miles?  Why has my speed stalled (in fact, I’ve gotten a little slower and am now averaging around 10:30 min/mile).

I was hoping I’d be up to running at least 5 miles or for 1 hour straight by now but can’t figure out what is happening and it is frustrating.  Any advice?

Other Stuff

I schlep a lot of stuff to work these days.  I was walking briskly past a woman wearing high heels and laughed at how silly she looked trying to cross the street at an increased speed. 

But then I realized that I look like an ass too because I carry no less than 2 LARGE bags every day filled to the brim with crap. 


And this is a good day.  Twice a week I add a gym bag to the mix.  I realize I could probably not carry around the diaper bag as my purse (and in my defense, when I use this during the work week – I empty out the wipes and cloth diapers) but I hate switching between purses because there is always SOMETHING that you forget in one of the bags (like chapstick) and it drives you crazy when you need it and don’t have it.

While I can’t wait for the day I won’t need to carry around a breast pump anymore – I know I’ll miss the benefits of pumping (like how I’m burning up to 500 calories a day by just having milk sucked out of my body!  no huffing, puffing or sweating necessary!). 

And lastly – this is a question to anyone that is breastfeeding or has breastfed in the past.  Have you ever had any lumps in your breast? 

I recently felt a marble sized (and hardness) lump in my breast.  I googled it (because you know, Google = sound medical advice) and read a lot of breastfeeding forum posts around how women get cysts and small clogs in their milk ducts when breastfeeding.  Many women wrote that most docs ask for you to wait until you are done breastfeeding before getting it checked out.  However – I’m hoping that I can keep this up for another 8 months!  Right now I’m just keeping an eye (well, a finger) on it to see if it is still there.  I’m just a little worried.  Anyone have any experience with this?



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4 responses to “Fitness Friday (and other stuff)

  1. Yes I have gotten lumps and it has always had to do with not emptying that one spot well. So when I pump, I push on that spot and gently massage it to get it to let down.

  2. I’m having a similar slump in my running. Before May was all busy and rainy and sucky, I was doing 6-10 miles a day, easy. But now I feel way more tired and heavy, like I did when I first started. I think a lot of it has to do with the whether, honestly. I’ve always known that I run better in cold temperatures than hot, but I think the hot and humid really bogs me down. So rather than kill myself trying to get back into my old routine, I’m basically starting over again in an attempt to build myself back up under new conditions. It’s annoying, but it’s been great for me physically AND mentally.

  3. Shanea

    When I was breastfeeding/pumping (which seems like eons ago and not just a yr) I would get small lumps that I would massage and they would go away. Hope that is all it is- try massage and make sure you monitor them.

  4. When I hit plateaus in my workout regimen, I start with taking a few days off. Then I need to do something to startle my body. Variation is usually the key. Doing the same things over and over again causes me to hit a plateau. Some ideas include high-intensity intervals, aka sprint for1/2 mile, take a break, sprint 1/4 mile, break, sprint for 1/8 mile, break, etc. Or do it by timed intervals. Another option is to do power drills. Run for two minutes with really long strides. Run another two minutes with high knees. Skip for two minutes (I know how it sounds). Then do a relaxed pace for 4 minutes. Variation is the key. Or maybe try biking instead of running. Anything to switch it up.

    Last thing to consider is are you eating enough calories. You are obviously burning a lot, so to pump and exercise, I would think you need to be sure to eat a lot.

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