Splurge vs Save (My Husband Thinks I’m Crazy)

I’ve blogged about how I’ve turned into a super cheapskate since having a baby but I’ve realized that I’m not consistently cheap when it comes to everything in my life.

Splurge Example 1:  My Groceries

Jeremy and I spend a lot of money on food every week.  I watch shows like Extreme Couponing (aka “Hoarders”) and think that I must be crazy to spend as much as I do each week (most of which gets consumed in a week) vs what these crazy couponers get for like $2.

But then I realize that we buy a TON of produce (and most of it is organic).  We also buy a lot of hippy dippy stuff that I like.  I never see coupons for these things (and I’ve never seen coupons for produce).

However, I don’t feel guilty about how much we spend on food because I think it is worth the money to buy good food since I am ingesting it.  If something is going in my body – I think it is worth the money (this goes for skin care as well).  I never understand people who buy crap food but splurge on clothes on material items.  What’s the point of looking good on the outside if you’re damaging your insides?  No thanks.

Splurge Example 2: Going Out to Eat

I know I just rambled about how I only buy “good” food but this dining out bit is completely unrelated.  I just realized that Jeremy and I buy lunches and dinners a lot.  I think a lot has to do with being tired.  Between having a baby, working and whatever else – sometimes I just don’t feel like making lunch or dinner on the weekend.  So we buy both.  Sometimes we buy good stuff but mostly we buy not so good stuff (lots of pizza).  We don’t generally buy lunch or dinner during the work week (I mean, those groceries we’re splurging on are for something) but the weekends are where we eat out ALL THE TIME.

Splurge Example 3: Vacuum

Okay, this isn’t a normal splurge item but this weekend we bought the Dyson Animal vacuum.  And let me tell you – it hurt my heart to spend that much on such a NOT fun appliance.

We had a $60 lightweight Eureka vacuum but it stopped working.  Jeremy kept insisting that we just splurge this once on a good vacuum instead of continually buying cheap vacuums every few years.  But have you seen the price tag on these things?  It physically hurt me to pay that much for something.  This vacuum cost more than our dishwasher (and that probably explains why the dishwasher isn’t that great).

Now onto how I’m a cheapskate…

Cheap Example 1: Baby Gear

I’ve mentioned how cheap I am but it has gotten much worse with baby gear.  Now that I realize how quickly my baby is growing – the idea of spending so much on baby gear seems absurd.  I’ve let go of clothes (mostly because there are so many inexpensive options thanks to Target) – but the toys and gear?  Oy!  Thankfully all of our toys/gear were given to us at our showers (the swing, the rocking chair, the pack-n-plays…) but now we’re looking at other toys like exersaucers.  I refuse to buy a brand new exersaucer so I’ve been scouring the parenting listserv for parents who are giving away or selling their used ones.  And every time I see a posting, I’m always too late to claim it!

I saw a post on Craigslist for a used exersaucer.  The poster said it was a “few years old” and that his kids had outgrown in (implying multiple children have played on this thing).  It supposedly retailed for $80 when he bought it but he’s asking $35.  I still think that’s a bit steep for a multi-kid several years old toy.  Is it ridiculous that I want to haggle him down to $25?  Jeremy thinks I’m crazy.

Cheap Example 2: Arguing for Store Credit

Further proving why I hate Babies R Us, we tried to return 2 unopened items from our baby register the 2 week of May.  Jeremy ran into the store to do the exchange and came back out to say that they wouldn’t accept the returns because it was past the 90 days of our registry date (Annmarie’s birth date).  We had missed it by less than a week.  I found that unacceptable and ridiculous.  I can’t remember the circumstances but I didn’t go into the store.

Later that month, I found the receipt to one of the items we tried to return (a $25 item).  I went to the store today to get store credit and they said they couldn’t take the item back because it had been over 90 days since the receipt.  I balked.  I wanted my damn store credit.  I wasn’t leaving without it.  They didn’t put up much of a fight (the girl called over her manager who not so nicely said they’d make an acception “just this once”) but dammit – I got my $25 store credit.

So what about you?  On what do you splurge vs. save?



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4 responses to “Splurge vs Save (My Husband Thinks I’m Crazy)

  1. We definitely splurge on groceries. Not quite like you guys do; we still shop at Walmart. But we like to eat interesting meals and I like to bake a lot. We went grocery shopping for a week and a half and spent around $200!

    We also splurge on gadgets. We both own top of the line phones, numerous laptops, video game consoles, etc, and Kyle’s foaming at the mouth for a tablet.

    Speaking of which, if you’re going to spend big bucks on a vacuum, you should at least get one that does all the work itself. Get a Rumba! Plus, I’m pretty sure it could double as a playmate for Annmarie.

  2. charmcitykim

    Good call on the gadgets. We definitely splurge there although that is Jeremy’s doing more so than mine.

  3. Meredith

    As I’ve gotten older, I’ve decided I rather spend $50 on a good dinner out than on a piece of clothing. The clothing never lasts and I rarely pay full price for anything anymore. I’m all about a good sale/deal.

    As for splurge, I have one of those not fun ones like your Dyson (stupid expensive for a vacuum but the thing is fantastic). My car needs 4 new tires for the discount price of $1100!!!! I know it HAS to be done but can I tell you there are a million other things I would rather spend $1100 on before I buy tires.

  4. Pants and jeans. I’d rather not, but there’s nearly no choice. I’m curvy in the rear, hips and thighs. Not curvy enough, mind you, for curvy jeans or pants, but too curvy for regular. So I splurge, unwillingly, when I find a pair that actually fit.

    Food, as well. Our grocery bill for two people is astronomical. I rarely find coupons for things I eat. We don’t shop much in the middle of the store where all the processed foods are. I find that that is what most coupons are for.

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