Thursday Thoughts

I’m taking a page from Kt’s blog and am posting some random thoughts I’m having today (mostly because I don’t have anything substantial to blog about right now and its a Thursday).

  • I find myself appalled on a daily basis by some of the atrocious and what I deem inappropriate fashion of the women around my office.  They’re either too casual (seriously, a girl wore SHORTS to work – I do not work in an environment where shorts are ever appropriate) or scandalous (a girl wore a button down dress where the bottom of the dress was open to practically her crotch).  Am I getting really old?
  • I don’t understand women that wear high heels when they clearly cannot walk in them comfortably.  It is a pet peeve to watch these women wobble into the office.  I’ll take flats any day.
  • I’m determined to start using coupons.  I found some great coupon resources from this blog and will try my luck this weekend.  Apparently Whole Foods is having a sale on organic blueberries tomorrow and I should be able to use a coupon on top of that.
  • Speaking of saving money – I did talk the Craigslist ad poster (for the exersaucer) to drop the price $5.  Whoo hoo!
  • I hate Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song”.  Hate it.  Rhyming p90x with sex made me cringe.
  • I loved this post on Baby Center about the mean mommy club.  What is it about being a mom that makes you so judgemental?  I’m SO guilty of this although I’d never dare make another mom feel like she’s doing something wrong – I just think it to myself and voice my opinion to my husband.  With that said, I also find myself feeling a great amount of empathy for moms who look frazzled when they’re out with their kids and the kids are crying.
  • I’ll admit that I watch The Voice.  Is it me or do Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine seem to genuinely not like each other?  So weird.  It is like they hooked up years ago and Adam never called Christina back.
  • The fact that I want one of these necklaces just further solidies how far I’ve come as a mom (I mean – I actually want a necklace that acts as a teether for my baby).
  • I just watched a bunch of trailers for the new Muppet movie coming out this Thanksgiving.  God, I love the Muppets.  Seriously.  I make fun of adults that are into Harry Potter but I will punch someone in the face if they say the Muppets are stupid.  The Muppets are awesome.

What’s on your mind today?



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5 responses to “Thursday Thoughts

  1. 1. LOVE the Muppets.
    2. I am with you 100% on heels. If you clomp like a cow, don’t wear them. Gross.
    3. Love Bruno Mars but that song is god-awful.
    4. I’m trying to eat more locally based and spend more on the local economy. It is taking some habit changing but I feel a LOT better about the money going out the door when I do that.
    5. Attempting to buy a house this week, so that is pretty much all I can think about.

  2. prettylittlereckless

    lol…. I don’t like when people wear heels who clearly can’t walk in them either. I had a former coworker who tried wearing heels and omg, the way she’d clomp around like a horse around the office… whoa.

    My thoughts today:
    1. I seriously like listening to dirty rap on pandora while at work sometimes.
    2. I’ve had an annoying amount of days off this month and it just makes me want to work less, yet I’m way more happier when I talk to people.
    3. Frustrated with people who constantly complain, but don’t do anything about it.

  3. Meredith

    1. Are we talking like short shorts or the long tailored ones? I have two pairs of very nice ones from Banana that I’ve contemplated wearing to work. With a dress shirt and heels I think it looks professional but somehow I don’t see my 70 year old owner agreeing.

    2. My mother asked me to download the Lazy Song as her ringtone. I declined!

    3. I spent 40 hours last weekend babysitting a 6 month old (who cried for approximately 30 of those hours) and a 2 year old. I always knew being a Mommy was a tough job but I have an all new level of respect now!!

    4. I’m tired of the lazy drafts people who work for me. Instead of being thankful they have jobs, they spend their day watching tv online and playing games on facebook and half assing the work I give them!

    5. Leaving for vacation tomorrow – but so swamped at work. Gotta power thru the next 8 hours and clear this desk off so i can relax and enjoy my week!!

  4. I would like to possibly defend the poor girl in the button-up dress. I, myself, wore a button up dress out to dinner with Kyle the other day, one that went nearly to my knees. Until I sat down, when it suddenly became a mico-mini. I spent a lot of time with my napkin on my lap, wiggling awkwardly. So she might not have known it would be so short. Or she’s a skank, I don’t know.

    My thoughts for today:

    1) I need to figure out a bike route that will let me bike hard enough to get a cardio workout for at least 30 minutes without getting hit or running anyone over.

    2) I think I’m going to make chocolate pie today.

    3) My other project for today is going through my wardrobe and weeding out everything that is too small, big, cheap, or young.

    I’m profound, I know.

  5. I watch The Voice sometimes too (though I missed this week), and I’ve heard people speculate that Adam and Christina hooked up right before the show and now it’s all awkward. Oh the things people like to make up. But I have noticed the tension!

    On my mind: thank effing god it’s almost the weekend.

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